What To Write In Email When Sending Resume Professionally?

In today’s world, a job search is carried out exclusively through the Internet. The system is so simple that it is enough just to click the mouse button to respond to a vacancy of interest. Only when it comes to sending the resume directly at the email of a recruitment specialist applicants makes many mistakes. Require help on ‘what to write in email when sending resume“. These unpleasant nuances play an important role in the selection of suitable candidates. Even the wrong greeting can scare off the personnel officer, and the resume will be in the electronic

What To Write In Email When Sending Resume Professionally?

Applicants sending a resume by e-mail make a lot of mistakes. And the most common of them is the incorrectly drawn subject of the letter. Some do not know how to correctly name the message, others simply skip this item. For these reasons, a sent letter with an attached resume may automatically move to the spam folder or simply go unnoticed.

A well-written subject of the letter should not contain a lot of information. A brief proposal with specifics would be the best option, for example, “resume of the head of the sales department” or “response to the vacancy of an advertising designer”. However, it is possible to compose a more informative text of the message subject, for example, “Ali’s resume for the call-center specialist vacancy”.

In some cases, the manager or recruitment specialist is asked to write a specific phrase or digital code of the vacancy in the subject of the electronic message. It is important to pay attention to this requirement, otherwise the employer will suspect the applicant of incompetence and distraction.

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What To Write In Email When Sending Resume?

In a message with a pinned resume document, you must write a small appeal. An empty letter in any situation is considered bad form. A short text will emphasize the sincerity of the applicant and his interest in the vacancy offered by the employer.

A specific structure should be viewed in the accompanying text of the message.

  • Appeal to the recruitment manager or manager. For example, “dear Oleg Ivanovich.”
  • Name of the position of interest. Concern should be present here, phrases such as “I want to get the position of operator or head of an IT department” cannot be written.
  • It is necessary to indicate how the applicant found an advertisement for an open vacancy, whether it be a company page on social networks or a neighbor working in this company.
  • In the accompanying text, it is appropriate to talk a little about your skills and experience. Only not a detailed retelling starting from the first internship, but brief information, preferably from the last place of work.
  • The applicant should express the final part with words of appreciation for the time given to his questionnaire, and also leave his signature in the form of a surname and initials.

Other nuances

It is necessary to send a resume by e-mail to a potential manager in the most complete form. The message from the applicant should have a correctly filled in subject, a cover letter in the body of the message, as well as a correct attachment of the resume file itself. At the same time, you can send a message not only from a computer or laptop but also from a phone. Such innovations of the modern world allow you to find work while walking, playing sports and even being at a solemn event.

Of course, in the age of modern technology, young specialists try to use any electronic methods of transferring documents, for example, WhatsApp or Viber, but it is impossible to guarantee the safety of the file. The recipient himself may forget to read the information from the candidate or simply delete the message from unknown contact.

Using various messengers to send your resume, you should not use smiles in the message text. Any correspondence with the leader should go exclusively in a business style. Expressing your emotions is best with personal contact.

But the most important thing is to check the sent text for grammar. Of course, dictionaries programmed in gadgets correct most errors. But electronics can also be wrong, especially when words with errors accidentally fall into its memory.

which format is required to Write In Email When Sending Resume?

Which Format Is Required To Write In Email When Sending Resume?

it is the main part of the discussion on ” what to write in email when sending resume”. Before sending a resume to a recruiting specialist, it is necessary to clarify which format of the questionnaire is most acceptable.

  • Recruiting agencies are required to provide resumes in quick-editing formats. Specialists of such enterprises stipulate this requirement by the need to hide the personal data of the applicant, so that the employer could not come in direct contact with the candidate, bypassing the agency. For this reason, pdf or jpeg formats are immediately rejected.
  • In the field of office work, the rtf resume format is considered the best option. Getting it is easy. The document is created in the Microsoft Word editor. Next, the “file” command is selected in the menu, then “save as …”. In the window that appears, you need to hover over the function “other formats”, change the file type to RTF format. The name of the document is indicated in Latin letters. In the frame that opens, information appears about the possible loss of some data. However, no one has encountered such problems yet, which is why the warning can be ignored. After saving, you must close the document and make it reopen.
  • A resume in txt format after forwarding may lose its internal form. Yes, and during the opening of the document, I may have problems. The txt format is suitable for the old edition of Microsoft Word, but the new version will not even be able to open the document. When submitting a resume, the applicant cannot know which version of the editorial program is installed on the computer of a recruiting specialist. So, it’s not worth the risk.
  • The doc format is also acceptable for a submitted resume. When opening a file there will be no problems, especially since this format can be viewed in several editors.

Using other format options is not practical. In the personnel department, they will not even be considered.

It is worth noting that the file size with the resume should weigh no more than 25 Kb. And documents with the image of the applicant should not exceed 1 Mb.

Particular attention should be paid to the issue of archiving. Many job seekers, sending a resume by e-mail, pre-archive the document, but this is not worth it. Quite often, archive files contain ads or viruses, which is why the mail service filter deletes messages with such an attachment without the possibility of recovery. In addition, it is not possible to open some archives.

The reason may be a mismatch of the archiver or lack of free time.

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File name

Particular attention should be paid to the name of the resume file. The name of the document should not be too long or have a random set of letters. Such electronic documents may be lost in the abundance of messages. And so that this does not happen, the resume should be called a specific name, for example, “resume_Zaitsev_designer”. Despite the seeming absurdity, the personnel officer will immediately understand that the applicant Zaitsev wants to get the position of designer.


Many recruiters claim that job seekers can send their resumes to company mail at any convenient time. However, questionnaires sent before noon are more effective. In order for the personnel officer to familiarize themselves with the document in the first place, the applicant must send the file at night or in the early morning .

It is worth noting that a bad day to send a resume is Friday. On the last working day of the week, few show great enthusiasm for work. Everyone is preparing for the upcoming weekend. For this reason, the resumes received on Friday may be skipped, but on Monday they will be completely forgotten.

Mailing to multiple recipients

It is strictly forbidden to send a resume to several recipients at once. A potential leader will surely see the presence of other recipients and find the applicant a frivolous, lazy person. Sending individual messages several times will increase the chances of the applicant to get the desired position.

Mailbox Name

Finding a good job involves a lot of nuances, among which the applicant’s email box plays a huge role. Personal mail can have an unusual, comic, and even obscene name. Only sending serious documents from it is considered unacceptable. For the purpose of job search, you will have to create additional mail with the correct name.

It is best that the nickname is easy to read and pronounce. The most acceptable indication of the surname and name of the applicant. However, variants of the full name and initials are allowed. For example, “petrov_pavel” or “petrov. pv. “

Upon receipt of messages, postal services indicate not the name of the email address, but information from the questionnaire. For this reason, when creating a new e-mail box, it is important to put down valid passport data.

Perhaps someone believes that the name of the email address in the employment does not matter. But this is not so. The character and temperament of a person is manifested in all directions, even in such a trifle.

Should I call the employer When I had Sent Resume?

Many job seekers are faced with the problem of lack of feedback. Most recruiters accept resumes, dropouts and leave questionnaires that are most suitable for an open position. But for those who did not come up, they do not even think of calling back and reporting the refusal.

According to the applicants, it is very difficult to contact the personnel department, and even more so with the head of the company, in order to get an opinion on the previously provided resume. But attempts to contact are not bad form. However, you should call the company the day after sending the resume. This action shows the applicant only on the positive side. The personnel officer and manager will appreciate such a step, realizing that for a job seeker a vacancy is very important.

During telephone communication, you should not say meaningless phrases, stutter, interrupt or insist. The personnel officer will provide all the necessary information according to the established order. After the monologue of a recruiter, you can ask questions of interest. However, do not ask for answers to questions regarding pay or job responsibilities. Such specifics will be analyzed directly in the framework of the interview.

Do not worry and worry, if the clarifying call turned out to be meaningless. Correctly sent message in compliance with all the nuances will certainly pass the selection.

Do I need to resend email if I haven’t responded?

This question torments many applicants who have not received a timely answer. Some are afraid that their resume did not fit, while others think that the email was in spam or a trash, which turned out to be unread.

In fact, all resumes that fall into the human resources department are carefully selected. Candidates who are eligible for this vacancy are invited to an interview. One job seeker occupies a free position, a summary of others is placed in a specially designed database. If a company has free space, it is the selected people who are the first to receive an invitation to an interview.

But do not disregard the fact that the personnel department is not robots. The human factor may work, and the candidate’s resume will accidentally be deleted from the mail. So, no one can guarantee feedback.

To exclude such a situation, the applicant must monitor the open vacancies of the company of interest . In case of free space, do not run to the computer, but wait a few days.

If an invitation for an interview does not arrive, you can safely repeat sending the resume, not just with a new message, but with a continuation of the last letter.

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Not every applicant is able to comply with all the rules for the correct construction of an email. To avoid mistakes, we suggest considering a sample in which a girl sends her resume to a specific position.

The subject of the message contains information regarding the contents of the letter and the position of interest. The “To” part contains a single email address. Next you see the attached documents, resumes and several copywriting works. In the free body of the letter there is an accompanying text with a brief self-presentation.

Just such letters with great pleasure are read by recruitment specialists. The senders of such messages are very likely to get the desired position.

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