What Questions To Ask An Accountant In An Interview?

All legal entities in our country maintain accounting records. This is a requirement of the Federal Law on Accounting. An accountant, especially a chief accountant, is an important person in an organization. Therefore, a careful selection of candidates for these positions is carried out. so today we do discuss What Questions To Ask An Accountant In An Interview and accountant job interview questions and answers.

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What Questions To Ask An Accountant In An Interview?

In a competitive environment, any organization or enterprise is interested in the professionalism of employees. Therefore, when applying for a job, they select through interviews. Recruiters have developed tests for interviews. What can they ask when applying for a job?

These are standard questions that are asked during an interview for any position, including the position of accountant.

  1. About myself.
  2. Experience.
  3. The reason for the last dismissal.
  4. Professional achievements.
  5. Errors at the previous work.
  6. Expected salary.
  7. Why you need to take you.
  8. What interested you in this vacancy.
  9. Personal qualities.

Questions To Ask An Accountant In An Interview

The more recruitment specialist receives information about the applicant, the faster it will determine whether the candidate corresponds to the position for which he is applying. Therefore, in an interview, you need to create a relaxed atmosphere when the applicant speaks most of the time. General questions suggest a detailed answer.

The nature of the interview depends on the experience of the applicant. If you have work experience, ask about a career, achievements. If this is a beginner, ask questions about work situations. They propose to solve logical problems that reveal the ability to make extraordinary decisions. This checks the professional potential of the applicant.

In some cases, if the work schedule is intense, stress tests are used . Thanks to such tests, the majority of applicants are screened out.

If the applicant has successfully passed written and computer testing, the chief accountant will continue the conversation with him. He asks specific questions about the professionWhen applying for a job, a novice is offered to answer questions and give tasks:

  • how inventory records, balance sheets are kept, how the accountant accompanies transactions with TMZ: receipts, movement within the enterprise, write-offs;
  • how settlements with suppliers and contractors, buyers and customers are carried out;
  • how reconciliation statements are drawn up with counterparties;
  • how is the primary documentation executed – incoming and outgoing cash warrants, accounts, strict reporting forms, invoices, acts of work performed;
  • what is the procedure for accounting for settlements with the bank, accounting for cash transactions;
  • how an expense report is made;
  • the applicant is offered to give examples of accounting entries for business transactions, for wages.

Bookkeeping is an ever-changing field. The applicant for the position of accountant needs to know the latest changes in tax and financial legislation.

Accountant  Interview

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Accountant Interview Features

The competition for the position of an accountant is a serious test for the applicant. In order to conduct an interview successfully, you need to prepare for both the applicant and the employer. First, the resume of the applicant is studied. If the hiring manager is interested in the resume, the job seeker is invited for an interview. In large organizations, an interview for an accountant is carried out in two stages. First, a recruitment manager talks with the applicant. He asks standard questions about education, experience, personal qualities. Assesses the ability to speak, behavior, appearance.

The second stage of the interview is testing with the chief accountant. This is the most important part of the interview. What Questions To Ask An Accountant In An Interview? It is important for the applicant to study the job site indicated in the vacancy. They will ask questions about this unit. Therefore, it is necessary to study or refresh existing knowledge in this section of the accountant’s work.

The applicant for the position of an accountant is required to know certain nuances of work.

  1. Special computer programs and be able to use them.
  2. Client-Bank System.
  3. Work with primary documentation.
  4. Knowledge of the chart of accounts.
  5. Accounting entries.
  6. Registration of incoming and outgoing documents.
  7. Accounting for mutual settlements.
  8. Reporting
  9. Accounting and tax legislation.

When selecting a candidate for the position of accountant, chief accountant does not conduct psychological, IQ-tests, which are representatives of other professions. For the employer, the primary professional test is important. With such testing, they suggest writing answers to questions by profession, where several answers are given. It is necessary to emphasize the correct option. They may offer to calculate the amount of tax or perform a test task in a computer program.

A more serious test passes the applicant for the position of chief accountant. It is important for a candidate for this position to have recommendations from a previous job. The interview with the applicant is conducted by the head of the company. What answers do the chief accountant need to know in order to pass the competition for the position? During the interview, the head can ask indicative, suggestive questions that will help the candidate for the position of chief accountant to give an answer.

For example, to talk about what accounting standards he used in a previous work, to give an example of work on saving costs, about his role in closing reports.

Accountant Interview Features

The chief accountant should have a ready-made answer to questions on accounting:

  • what are the parts of the tax code;
  • what is the difference between materials and goods, an employment contract and a contract;
  • accounting policies of the organization (accounting and tax accounting);
  • the status of the fixed asset, for how long it is approved;
  • how will the depreciation of fixed assets be carried out;
  • how to draw up a chart of accounts and approve it; can an accountant add accounting accounts;
  • structure of the balance sheet and the procedure for its compilation according to the rules of double entry;
  • expense accounts;
  • payroll, compensation, sick leave;
  • talk about how taxation is formed.

The candidate for the position of chief accountant should have an idea of ​​the principles of interaction with regulatory authorities – the tax inspectorate, pension fund and social insurance fund. Know the timing and procedure for conducting inspections, develop an algorithm of their actions during the inspection.

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The chief accountant is the right hand of the head of the enterprise. During the interview, the leader evaluates the personal qualities of the applicant. A candidate for this position should have experience as an accountant, be able to navigate financial flows, be fluent in specialized programs, take initiative and leadership qualities.

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accountant interview questions and answers

To succeed, you need to prepare for an interview, speak confidently, give honest, detailed answers to questions.

During the interview, the personal qualities of the applicant are assessed: appearance, competent speech. No need to speak in phrased, memorized phrases.

When telling about yourself, be able to separate the main thing in the biography from secondary events. You do not need to talk a lot about personal life. You can ask counter, clarifying questions.

Sometimes the employer applies the circle principle during the interview: that is, he asks questions that have already been discussed. This reveals an untruth in the answers of the applicant. Therefore, you need to tell the truth, not exaggerate your dignity, success.

Sometimes during an interview, unusual, tricky questions are asked in order to confuse the interlocutor. At the same time, the speed of the reaction is evaluated as a person emerges from an unusual situation.

Accountant Interview Questions And Answers

Accountant Interview Preparation

Preparing for an interview is half the success of getting a job. It is necessary to collect documents on vocational education, on advanced training, on passing trainings and seminars. Written recommendations from past work increase the chance of becoming an accountant.

In order to prepare for the interview, the applicant must elaborate on the points of his resume. Questions will be asked on these points. Prepare information about successes at the previous place of work. The applicant must be aware of the company where he wants to work. Therefore, you need to study the company’s website or collect information about it elsewhere. A popular question: “What do you know about our company?”

It is necessary to study the work area to which the vacancy applies. During the interview, the accountant can prepare questions for the employer: what form of ownership does the company have, how many owners, number of employees, gross income of the enterprise, in what program does accounting work? After receiving the answers, he will conclude about the potential of the enterprise, the prospect of career growth.

During the interview, not only professional qualities are evaluated, but also the appearance of the applicant. If the company has a dress code, you need to dress in accordance with it.

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