What Question To Ask At The Interview To The Candidate?

Hiring a new employee is a pleasant event not only for the applicant but for the whole enterprise. Especially if the selected candidate is a highly qualified specialist with sufficient experience in a similar position. But unfortunately, the recruitment manager is not always able to choose the right person for a vacant position. So, in this article, we will discuss “What Question To Ask At The Interview?”.

What Question To Ask At The Interview To The Candidate?

Improper HR policies are the main cause of huge problems in the company . That is why the process of selecting a new employee must be approached very carefully. Before concluding an employment contract, it is important to conduct an interview at which specific questions should be asked. The answers to them will be decisive in the fate of the applicant and the enterprise itself.

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What Question To Ask At The Interview?

Each HR specialist or recruitment manager, before conducting an interview with a candidate for a vacant position, form an action plan. It includes an introduction, acquaintance with the candidate, a story about the company and its activities, a list of duties and requirements for the applicant. However, special attention is paid to the “meeting the applicant” plan item. It should contain topics that are relevant to the specifics of the vacancy.

But the main thing is that this list contains mandatory questions, the answers to which allow you to fully reveal the nature of the potential employee.

Each interview begins with the question: “Tell us about yourself.” It may seem that the answer is on the surface itself. But this is far from the case. Many applicants are lost, because not everyone is given the ability to conduct a mini-self-presentation in a few minutes. The employer from the presented story is able to determine the life priorities of a person. The answer to this question should have a logical chain. In this case, it is necessary to carefully monitor the speech of the applicant and his behavior.

If a candidate pays special attention to his own character, mentions his friends, relatives and friends, it becomes clear that the priority of a person belongs to a free life, but not to working moments. If the mini-presentation, presented in a compressed format, carries information about education, professional skills and achievements, then a person is completely given to work.

A very topical issue for our time: “The reason for leaving my previous job.” This question allows you to identify certain aspects of the character of the candidate. If the applicant leaves the details regarding the organizational aspects of the previous work, criticizes the former colleagues more, it can be concluded that the potential employee is a conflicting person.

Special attention should be paid to the moment if the candidate divulges confidential information about his past job. This is not permissible under any circumstances. It follows that upon dismissal, he will easily transfer corporate data to competitors. But a clear answer to this question indicates the competence of a potential employee. In turn, recruiters shared information about the correct answers regarding the question of leaving their last job. For example, “lack of career growth”, “dismissal due to relocation”, “uncomfortable schedule”, “long distance from home”. It is important for the recruitment manager to remember that dismissal of a job applicant from a previous job does not always indicate his incompetence.

Perhaps the person was reduced or fired due to the liquidation of the company.

Another required question during the interview is “Expected salary”. The answer provided gives the employer the opportunity to understand how professional the potential employee is in their field. It is considered good form if the applicant calls a figure increased by 10% compared to the previous salary. This suggests that the candidate knows his responsibilities, does not suffer from low self-esteem and really assess his abilities.

Specialists from more complex industries can rely on wages increased by 30% from previous earnings. If the applicant says that he wants to get a lower salary than at the previous job, then he is unsure of himself.

“How do you see yourself in a few years?” Is an important question that opens up the perspectives of the applicant. Depending on the answer, the employer will be able to draw certain conclusions. If the answer to this question touches on working moments and shows a person’s desire to prove himself in the workplace, then the applicant is a true professional, ready to not only develop in the company, but also to contribute to its activities . If the candidate’s response is related to education or family, one should be wary. This means that a person does not see himself in the work activity of the enterprise.

Accordingly, in a few years, you will probably have to look for a new employee for the same position.

“How long have you been looking for a job?” According to a logical chain, this question should be asked at the final stage of the interview. The answer provided allows you to identify the competence of a potential employee, check his responsibility and determine the demand on the labor market. The recruitment manager should be wary if the applicant is looking for work for more than 3 months. Such a long period indicates that a person is not very interested in finding a job. However, there are cases when potential employers make excessive demands on the future subordinate. In addition, this period is justified if the candidate is looking for a new vacancy while continuing to work in the previous company.

In such a situation, it is clear that a person does not want to change “flea”, so he carefully studies all the job offers.

At the last stage of the survey, the candidate should be asked about his strengths and weaknesses. This question during the interview allows the employer to supplement the compiled image of the applicant, to determine whether he is a good applicant or not. If a potential employee first of all talks about his weaknesses, then a person has an extremely low self-esteem. If the answer begins with words about strong character traits, then the applicant is a real leader and is able to solve any problem.

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What to ask additionally in an interview?

Unfortunately, not every candidate is able to clearly answer the required interview questions, but the recruitment manager, in addition to the standard testing form, asks a few unusual questions. And this is not surprising. Today, finding the right answers for a standard interview is easy. It is enough to go online and browse through several relevant sites.

But finding answers to questions of a non-standard type is extremely difficult. It is this unusual part of the interview that very often unsettles candidates. Their voice begins to tremble, confusion arises with answers, which is why applicants become more open.

In addition, unusual questions allow the employer to evaluate the candidate’s ability to respond quickly in stressful situations. Find out how resourceful a potential employee is, a sharp-witted person, and whether he has a sense of humor However, it is important for the employer to remember that in no case should any form of question concern the nationality, religion, or personal life of a person.

Further, it is proposed to consider a list of uncomfortable questions that allow one to understand what qualities the applicant has.

  • “The company management has entrusted a task that is not the responsibility of your position. What are you going to do?”
  • “What is your attitude to recycling?”
  • “What do you think can make a person work more efficiently?”
  • “Tell us about your most cherished dream.”
  • “Why does the car have a round steering wheel?”

The answers to these questions are not specific, except for logical and mathematical tasks. Nevertheless, the result allows the employer to evaluate the inventiveness of the applicant, to understand how quickly he makes a decision in case of difficulties and generally responds to unusual situations.

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How to analyze the answers?

This is the best part of “What Question To Ask At The Interview To The Candidate?”. When compiling an analysis of the answers of applicants who have been interviewed, it is necessary to give preference to candidates who have shown confidence in themselves, who are able to very quickly make decisions in complex issues and who are able to correctly express their own thoughts.

The correct answers to the questions asked during the meeting with the applicant are not so important than the process of the candidate’s reasoning. All the answers of the applicant will allow the recruitment manager to create a portrait of the personality of the potential employee and determine whether he matches this vacancy.

At the end of the interview, the employer must draw up a preliminary result. And to make the picture as complete as possible, you need to get the maximum information from the applicant for the vacancy. Relevant notes are indicated in the person’s resume. The note should disclose the personal characteristics of the applicant. The general impression of the conversation should be affixed there. This can be a banal assessment on a 5-point scale or specific words.

If the head of the company is engaged in hiring a new employee, he will definitely familiarize himself with the conclusion of the recruitment manager. Perhaps even he himself will want to conduct a second interview in order to make a final decision.

However, most directors fully trust the human resources department, because of which they only approve a new candidacy or put forward a refusal according to the data provided by the HR manager.

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