what do actors do: Job Description, Career Opportunities, and facts

Today, young people are given the opportunity to learn any profession, both for free and under contract. But due to the availability of training, people are increasingly faced with the problem of choosing the right profession, unfortunately, not everyone is succeeding in the chosen direction. Recently, creative professions have been very popular, one of which is the actor. In this article, we will get acquainted with the profession of an actor, what do actors do, consider its pros and cons, the necessary skills and career opportunities.

Someone chooses acting because of the opportunity to become an actor or celebrity, gain fame and money, while others simply want to realize their creative potential on stage. 

What Do Actors Do: Job Description, Career Opportunities, And Facts

What is the history of acting

The profession of an actor is deeply rooted in history; this art has come a long way from antiquity to modernity. Even the ancient peoples created some productions, but acting acquired the status of art only in Ancient Greece, where the first actors played performances. Their main attributes were masks made of wood or clay, as well as various colorful outfits. Being an actor was very prestigious, they were respected and respected. But earlier, only men could participate in this business, even female roles went to the stronger sex.

And also comedians faced with many problems and obstacles. For example, in the Middle Ages people engaged in this work were beaten, imprisoned, and even executed.

In addition, the Inquisitors instilled a negative opinion about the actors in the people, so the faces of the people were faced with the anger and opposition of ordinary people.

What Is The History Of Acting

But the next stage – the Renaissance, became uplifting for this art. And until the twentieth century, acting was on the same level, then this art was poorly studied, and therefore template images and superficial play prevailed on the stage of the theater.

This breakthrough occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century, when Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky, who founded the famous Moscow Art Theater, introduced changes in acting that allowed him to get accustomed to the role and reflect not only the character’s appearance but also his inner world. This method was called the Stanislavsky system, it is actively used today, allowing aspiring actors to understand the essence of art and acquire basic skills and knowledge.

What Do Actors Do Job Description

 What Do Actors Do Job Description

Who is this actor? This is a person who plays various roles on the stage of a theater or in a movie. Many people consider this profession simple and interesting, but this is not always the case – to achieve success in this area, you need to work hard and have a number of qualities, which we will consider further.

The main task of the actor is reincarnation as a given character. There are two ways.

  • External changes are the creation of an image with the help of costumes, sometimes masks, makeup, the acquisition of new habits, intonation, facial expressions, gestures, gait and posture.
  • Internal changes force the actor or actress to understand the inner world of his character, his thoughts, to study his story. Some actors, before playing a movie, even try to live the life of their hero for several months.

But more often a combination of these methods is needed to create an image of a given character. The actor has a great responsibility if he plays in a large theatrical production, because he must convey the character of his character, make it so that he is alive, and not just a picture from the book. Therefore, it is very important to bring your own traits into the character so that he seems to be a real person. Such is the psychology in the profession of an actor.

Only such an approach to work will help arouse the desired feelings and emotions in the audience, then the audience will believe in the reality of what is happening.

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Pros and cons being an actor

Having familiarized yourself with the profession, you need to know about its pros and cons in order to take a sober look at it and understand whether you are ready to go to certain difficulties or not.

Pros And Cons Being An Actor

Let’s start with the pleasant – with the benefits of acting.

  • An interesting and varied work awaits you: you can live several lives playing the roles of different characters. You can be what you could never be in reality.
  • You will be able to make many useful contacts, and be constantly in the company of creative and interesting people.
  • There is a possibility, albeit a small one, that you can become a famous person , gain fame and become rich.
  • Due to the fact that acting troupes often tour, you will have the opportunity to travel.
  • Yes, and just one feeling is valuable that you can influence the views of the viewer, affect him and cause feelings, emotions. It is valuable that you can somehow influence the culture of the theater.

Let’s not keep silent about the cons.

  • A busy schedule awaits you , because the actor has no days off and hours of work. In addition to learning scenes and performances, you have to constantly improve yourself in this area.
  • To succeed in acting, it will take a lot of time and effort. You could even say that you have to devote your whole life to this. Therefore, there may not be time to create a family.
  • From the very beginning, you may encounter a big obstacle – perhaps someone from the family will not want you to try yourself in this field, because often the profession of an actor is ungrateful.
  • In order to learn acting, it will not be enough for you to take special courses, but you need to fully master the material in one of the higher theatrical educational institutions. It’s best to choose popular institutions in big cities, but it’s hard to get there, because often there are no more than 50 budget places, and studying under a contract is not cheap.
  • Having become a popular personality, you will have to constantly monitor your appearance so that every exit to society is consistent with your status.
  • You need to possess a number of qualities , many of which are simply impossible to acquire, including talent.
  • Get ready for the fact that you will need to constantly memorize texts in large volumes and reproduce them without hesitation.
  • Movie actors who signed the contract are forced to work for many months and literally live on the set.
  • There is a risk of injury , not always dangerous stunts are performed by understudies. In addition, the shooting conditions may not be very comfortable.
  • Even famous actors have work stagnations when they cease to be in demand. This can lead to psychological problems.
  • We will not hide the fact that the salaries of young actors are low, it often even happens that they work in the theater for free. But do not think that over time everything will change, because only a few achieve the desired. In addition, for you to be noticed and continue to work with you, you need to stand out from the crowd, to have your own twist.

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Do actors take Training classes?

Education is not an absolute guarantee of demand and highly paid work. There are many famous actors and actresses who have not received the appropriate education. But there are advantages to learning. Acting training helps to develop the necessary qualities and skills. We will divide them into several groups, since not all abilities can be developed.

 Do Actors Take Training Classes?


  • lack of speech defects;
  • lack of appearance flaws;
  • working capacity;
  • resistance to physical and emotional stress.


  • self confidence;
  • concentration;
  • good memory;
  • activity;
  • desire for improvement;
  • determination;
  • propensity for communication;
  • openness
  • hard work;
  • responsibility;
  • observation;
  • patience;
  • stress resistance;
  • energy;
  • abstract thinking.

Inborn abilities:

  • talent;
  • creative abilities (to literature, music, choreography and others);
  • artistry;
  • stage charm;
  • charisma;
  • imagination;
  • creativity.

Knowledge and skills:

  • clear diction;
  • ability to reincarnate;
  • knowledge of genre and role specifics;
  • knowledge of psychology;
  • lack of stage fear;
  • oratorical skills.

Physical qualities and innate abilities cannot be changed, but you can work on your character, knowledge and skills while studying at the university. To enter a higher theatrical institution, you must pass two compulsory subjects – the language and literature. In addition, your speech, vocal and dance data, as well as acting abilities must comply with the requirements of the commission.

Even at school you need to study for good and excellent grades, then you will have an advantage.

Actor Career opportunities

Actor Career Opportunities

Novice actors often begin work, playing small roles in theatrical productions. If you want to act in films, then you must constantly attend various auditions, as well as play small roles in extras. Perhaps then you will be noticed and invited to a larger role. Actors do not always work in theater or film studios, but can work in advertising agencies, on television, in the circus, participate in the creation of clips, and also work as animators.

Often having achieved some success in acting, people can master the profession of director, producer or screenwriter and perform other tasks. And also you can become an actor in dubbing.

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Interesting facts related to acting

Finally, we will share with you interesting facts related to this area.

  • The phonogram appeared in ancient Rome. When the playwright, who played roles in his own works, broke his voice, then a man standing behind him spoke.
  • The ancestors of the series are the monthly performances that were held in Sicily. Then parts of one play were shown every evening.
  • In the Roman theater, accused people were often killed at the end of a performance for entertainment, ending with the famous words “Finita la comedy”.

Conclusion and video

Acting is a vast profession and having more opportunities and scop. So acknowledge what do actors do and what this career having opportunities. if you have something in your mind share it with us.

what do actors do

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