Professional Tips For Interview On Skype And By Phone

Today, thanks to the limitless possibilities of the latest technologies, it has become quite possible to get a job without even leaving home, having an interview with the employer using modern Skype and WhatsApp communication services. It remains only to properly pass an interview with a company representative and leave a favorable impression. Here Tips For Interview On Skype best to acknowledge.

Professional Tips For Interview On Skype And By Phone

What is it and where is it required?

Interviewing with an employer on Skype is the know-how of HR specialists, a method that allows you to quickly conduct an initial selection of candidates when applying for a job through video (via Skype) or audio communication (via WhatsApp or by phone). Such a way of communication appeared during the growing popularity of outsourcing and remote work. It allows interlocutors to communicate over a long distance, and also saves time, does not interfere with the workflow and is an excellent alternative to a face-to-face meeting.

An interview in this format, like a telephone interview, has its own characteristics. It is carried out at the initial contact. The employer’s task is to evaluate the candidate and decide whether to invite him to a face-to-face conversation. And the applicant is given the opportunity to understand whether the proposed job is suitable for him, without the need to visit the office.

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Tips For Interview On Skype

It is very important during the initial interview to impress the employer as a confident and competent candidate for the proposed position. In order to successfully pass the selection, it is better to adhere to a simple algorithm of actions.

  • Make sure the equipment and headset are working, check your Skype account. Before you go through the interview, it is better to make a trial skype chat with someone you know. In extreme cases, you can call any online store and talk with their representative.
  • Do not overload your home Internet network. High-quality communication will positively affect the impression of the applicant, and thus increase his chances of finding a job.
  • Add the employer’s contact to your list in advance and take into account the temporary difference in case of a remote interview.
  • Take care of the look. Clothing and hairstyle should be the same as if the meeting took place in person.
  • Think about the background. The environment can tell a lot about the personality of a person, so it is better if it is neutral.
  • Put a pen and a blank sheet of paper on the table, as well as all the necessary documents (diplomas, resumes, a list of questions for the employer, abstracts about working for the company). They should be at hand if necessary to present them.
  • It is advisable to turn off all distracting sounds (phone, TV, instant messengers, washing machine, etc.) to ensure silence during a conversation.
  • Create the right lighting. It is desirable that it be natural.

In extreme cases, let the soft light sources be located on the sides and opposite the computer.

What questions are asked?

Topics in a virtual interview will be the same as in a face-to-face meeting. Usually, the questions depend on what position the applicant is applying for. These are specialization, experience, work skills, achievements, as well as reasons for leaving the previous place of work. In order to form an opinion about the employee as a whole, questions may be asked regarding his hobby and marital status.

Here is a common example of talking on Skype or phone and tips for answering the most common questions and requests.

  • Tell us about yourself. It is important here not to get stuck on the description of your biography. You need to talk about the achievements in your professional life. So the employer will see the ability of the applicant to conduct a dialogue and the seriousness of his intention to get the desired job;
  • Why exactly should we take you to this position? Here it will be appropriate to touch on the skills of future work and mention their advantages regarding these requirements. Therefore, before the interview, it is better to familiarize yourself with the activities of the employer company in advance.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your character . Be sure to declare your advantages so that the employer appreciates the confidence and honesty of the applicant. And if you declare your shortcomings, then only in a positive way. Namely, about awareness of weaknesses and about achievements in working on oneself, thereby emphasizing one’s self-discipline.
  • Explain the reason for leaving your previous job. It is important to provide true information without going into too much detail. Especially if relations with the former bosses did not go well.
  • What salary would you like to receive? The employer asks such a question in order to determine for himself the requirements of the applicant. And at the same time his determination and ambition. It is advisable to indicate the estimated amount, rather than specific numbers.
  • How do you feel about career growth? Often the interviewer wants to know who the applicant sees himself after a certain number of years. The answer to this question helps to understand the interest of the applicant in the work, as well as his desire to develop in this area.
  • Tell us about your hobby and how to spend your leisure time. Such information should characterize the employee only on the positive side. For example, a passion for sports or intellectual development.

The employer may ask you to ask him counter questions. In this case, it is necessary to touch on particularly important points regarding the future position or activity of the company, demonstrating its competence and interest.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Online Interview

Any kind of interview has its pros and cons. Winning moments of such an interview.

  • For the employer, this is a way to speed up the work of the HR department . After all, this is the first stage of selection at which unsuitable candidates are screened out.
  • Convenience. The ability to communicate at a remote distance, and for a future employee this saves time and money on the road.
  • Great atmosphere. Some applicants, being at home, feel much more confident.
  • For some companies, this is another kind of check . With this method of interview, one can assess a person’s readiness for a new one, his ability to use modern technologies.

The disadvantages include:

  • dependence of the interview on the quality of the connection and operation of the equipment – with poor-quality images or audio communications, emotional contact is broken;
  • for introvert seekers, this type of interview carries great psychological discomfort;
  • the inability to visually assess the situation and atmosphere in the company.

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Useful Tips For Interview On Skype and phone

To be on top and successfully pass a remote interview, some recommendations will help:

  • you must be prepared for an interview in advance, it is better for 15-20 minutes before communication;
  • it is advisable if the name of the account will include real name and surname – this will add seriousness to the intention to get a job;
  • the same applies to the avatar – the image must correspond to the importance of the moment;
  • First you need to try to adjust your speech. To do this, you can make a test recording and listen to your presentation, while paying attention to intonation and how correctly the speech is delivered;
  • in order to successfully pass the interview, it is better to answer all questions truthfully, clearly and informatively, and you must be confident in the interview;
  • unwillingness to answer the questions posed negatively affects the decision making by the employer;
  • it is advisable to look into the computer’s camera from time to time – this will add liveliness to the conversation and create an imitation of visual contact;
  • If the interview is on WhatsApp, it’s better not to have the mobile phone too close to you.

The interlocutor is better perceived if the smartphone’s camera captures his shoulders as well.

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