social media marketing job description: How To Become SMM Marketer

Today, with the rapid development of Internet technologies, many interesting remote professions have appeared on the job market. Especially a lot of narrow specialists are required due to the fact that social networks have turned into platforms for working with clients. Many companies need services to promote their interests at these sites. An SMM marketer can help them with this. We are writing on social media marketing job description and all about SMM profession.

Social Media Marketing Job Description

Social Media Marketing Job Description: How To Become SMM Marketer

Social media marketing (SMM) is translated from English as “social media marketing”. In simple words, this is the promotion of the company in the media through the formation of its positive image. A specialist who attracts traffic from social networks for a company is called an SMM marketer. It is he who is entrusted with all work with content, communications and traffic. His slogan says that advertising is possible to buy, but customer confidence is not.

The manager has two main tasks: to attract the user and keep him. Namely, with the help of a large number of tools, he must gather the target audience around the brand, expand its reach and increase profits.

The responsibilities of an SMM specialist include:

  • analysis and study of your target audience (target audience), it is important to know everything: age, interests, gender, social status and preferences;
  • preparation of a content plan for a month;
  • filling with interesting and high-quality content (in the texts there must be an intrigue that is obliged to interest the client);
  • creation and promotion of a group, public or account;
  • communication with users, bloggers, web writers and other freelancers;
  • increase community members;
  • the introduction of games, quizzes, surveys and contests in social networks to stimulate interest;
  • setting up advertising and finding a site for its placement;
  • constant search for additional ways of promotion.
Social Media Marketing Job Description

The use of special programs (Bitly, Popsters, Curalate, Tailwind, Viralheat, etc.) that helps to track various indicators, as well as services for postponed postings and publication planning (Feedman, smmbox, ) greatly facilitates the work.

From what point to start work, the marketer decides for himself. The main thing is to keep abreast, check analytics and change strategies.

What are the skills required for social media specialist?

This profession requires some personal and professional qualities. Great for those who are different:

  • good literacy;
  • analytical mindset;
  • sociability;
  • creative thinking;
  • Patience and respect for the user.

Also familiar with:

  • marketing
  • graphic editors and rules for writing texts;
  • the basics of psychology;
  • tools and web services that facilitate the work.

In addition, a good SMM-box should be highly stress-resistant and the ability to correctly express their thoughts.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

The profession of an SMM marketer has many advantages, such as:

  • the ability to work outside the office;
  • high level of earnings;
  • work with an already trained user (social networks are constantly working on forming a target audience);
  • a wide selection of tools designed for audials, visuals and generalists;
  • quick response (you can always contact the client online);
  • independence in work.

Despite the popularity of the specialty and many advantages, there are also disadvantages. It:

  • narrow focus (not all goods or services can be promoted in social networks);
  • the impossibility of predicting the payback time (conversion is characterized by a wave-like curve);
  • at the initial stage, investments are required: to pay for the services of specialists for analytics, the preparation of advertising, copywriters;
  • constant search for partners (it is necessary to expand the audience by all means);
  • irregular working hours (most of the days have to be in touch).

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how much do social media marketers make per hour / per day / per month

The profession of an SMS marketer is one of the highest-paid professions. In order to succeed and find a good job, you must have a well-designed portfolio with several successful cases presented. Social media marketing job salary. The income depends on the number of tasks that the manager solves. For example, an SMM box responsible only for the content part of a project can count on a salary of $10000 per month. And if he promotes an account in three social networks, then the earnings will amount to $400. Integrated promotion of one project will cost more – from $300.

In general, payment for the services of an SMS specialist depends on the cost of advertising. An average marketer usually has 10-15% of the budget. And also the size of wages depends on the level of professionalism. Significantly higher-income involves opening your own agency.

A good smm after the experience of team work is quite capable of realizing this task. True, responsibility and duties will also increase.

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how to start social media marketing?

There are no special educational institutions teaching this profession . But you can gain knowledge by attending courses or seminars. However, the presence of a diploma and certificates is not the main thing in employment. Important work experience and skills, as well as the desire for continuous self-education. To do this, you must:

  • read relevant literature (CEO, copywriting, advertising, marketing), for example: the books “Write and cut” M. Ilyakhova, “Marketing on social networks” D. Halilova, “Profitability of influence” M. Schaefer;
  • Get acquainted with various video materials on this topic – youtube has a lot of free information;
  • attend master classes, where you can directly chat with an expert in your field;
  • follow publics, blogs, sites of relevant topics – there you can meet a large number of colleagues, and also the information on them is updated much faster compared to books.

It is important to possess not only theoretical knowledge, but also skills. There are several ways to gain experience. It:

  • come up with a group for social networks and promote it;
  • offer assistance in creating business communities to friends;
  • working as a trainee in an agency or as an assistant to an experienced specialist – such a mentor can be found in thematic communities, groups.

Conclusion and Video

marketing is an essential tool for every business and social media marketing is an advanced tool for every type of business. Remember the social media marketing job description and all about it.

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