short resume: How to create short resume summary

A short resume is the best way for an employer or HR specialist to find out key points about a potential employee. It is convenient to use for placement on employment platforms, as well as for distribution to companies of interest to you. This version of the resume should be as concise and informative as possible. What to look for when compiling it? How to create a short resume? What information should be indicated in the first place, and which can be excluded? We will talk about this below.

Short Resume: How To Create Short Resume Summary

How do you write a short resume?

For a brief summary to be pleasant and easy to read, its structure should be simple to understand, for this, break it into blocks:

  • personal data, contacts, desired position and income level (in this section, a potential employer gets to know you: finds out who you are and what you want to get from cooperation);
  • education;
  • work experience (just indicate the last 2-3 jobs);
  • key skills;
  • additional information (here you can specify everything that you would like to clarify, for example, from what date you are ready to take up a new position, etc.)

It is better that all the information mini-resume fit on one page of a sheet of A4 formatThe name of each section should be highlighted in bold, and the text of the block should be enclosed in a frame. So the blocks will be visually demarcated, and this will help the employer in the first place to read the information that is more important for him.

A well-structured resume structure gives you an edge over other job seekers. So, to list skills, it is preferable to use lists, and for blocks about education and work experience – tables. This option of presenting information is easier to understand and, as a result, has the potential to study such a resume first thing, which will give you more chances to get the desired job.

How Do You Write A Short Resume?

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Short Resume Format

In the first block containing personal data, you can place a photo, and to the right or left of the text – it does not matter. This should be a high-quality portrait photo, on which the face is clearly visible, and in the frame there are no strangers or objects. Do not choose too old a photo – it should be taken at least three years ago. If the position you are applying for involves working with partners and customers, making deals, meeting guests, then the photo should be required.

For a better perception, you can also highlight the blocks with color, for this use muted or pastel shades, such as smoky blue or pale lilac. To ensure that the resume form does not look too mottled, select the block through one, and leave the intermediate ones white. So the form will contain only two colors, which is perfectly acceptable within the framework of business ethics.

A good design option would also be a blank in the form of a table. For example, on the left you indicate the names of the blocks and their additional sections, and on the right – all the necessary information.

Short Resume Format

how to make a short resume look good -Recommendations

No matter how successful the design, the flow of information still plays a decisive role. Let us examine the points on how to correctly compose each section of the resume in order to convey the necessary information and present yourself from the best side.

Personal data

Here you must indicate your name, position, salary, date of birth, telephone number, email address and marital status.


This block should contain the name of the educational institution, the period of study, specialty, personal achievements (if there is, for example, a red diploma). There may also be information about additional education (courses, seminars, etc.), but only if it corresponds to the desired position.


Indicate the last three places or those that you consider the most significant in your career. If there is only one such place, you can write about it in more detail. So, in the section “Experience” should be the following information: name of the organization (it is better to use not a legal name, but known in a wide circle), work period, position, responsibilities, achievements.

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key skills in short resume

How To Make A Short Resume Look Good -Recommendations

List the skills gained during the study and work that can help you in your new position. No need to make too large or small a list, 5-7 skills – the best option.

Additional Information

Here you can write about whether you are ready for overtime work or business trips, when you can take up a post. If necessary, indicate the presence of a driver’s license, passport, health book, knowledge of languages. List the hobbies that will show you the best side.

If among your previous employers there are those who are ready to give a good recommendation, write about it. You do not need to specify contact details, write that you are ready to provide them upon request in order to save the recommender from unwanted calls.

Such a concise, but informative description will be enough to interest a potential employer and convey to him all the important points. If necessary, swap blocks in any order. The first one must be the contact data section, followed by the “Key skills” or “Work experience” block. The last one will always be the “Additional Information” section.

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Short resume summary examples

Consider a sample resume of a customer service manager. Despite the lack of a table and color blocks, the sections are clearly delimited and contain a maximum of useful information, making the text easy to read. The photo is fully consistent with the business style – there are no inappropriate gestures, the angle and lighting allow you to perfectly see the face of the applicant.

Below is a template for a mini resume, which is perfect for a device for any position.

If desired, blocks 7 and 8 can be deleted, since it is more rational to indicate the desired salary level at the very beginning under the post, and write about the recommendations in the additional information section.

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