Resume For Doctors: How To Write Resume For Medical Doctor?

The doctor is one of the most difficult and respected professions. A good specialist in his field will always be in demand. Moreover, even for such highly qualified professionals, there are certain rules for hiring. How To Write Resume For Medical Doctor?

Resume For Doctors: How To Create Resume For Medical Doctor?

Do I need to write a cover letter and how to do it right? What blocks must be included in the resume? In our article, we will answer these and some other questions in detail.

Rules For Writing Resume For Medical Doctor

To get a job in a hospital, you need to correctly compose a Resume For Medical Doctor. This post will help you stand out among the huge number of job seekers applying for a vacancy, as well as create a first impression of you in the eyes of the employer.

First of all, it should be noted that it is necessary to approach the preparation of resumes with great responsibility and attention (and regardless of whether you want to work in a small provincial clinic or in a highly specialized clinic in the capital).

So, for starters, you should carefully read the direct description of the vacancy. In many cases, the employer initially describes all the requirements that a specialist must meet in order to apply for a particular position. If you possess all the necessary qualities, then you can safely submit your resume.

At the first stage, it is important to carefully study the immediate employer. Find out if the clinic has a certain specialization, how many patients are served in the organization and who works as the head physician. If possible, talk with the clinic staff. All these actions will give you a general understanding of whether you yourself want to work in this institution, as well as what requirements are put forward to those who are already working, what atmosphere prevails in the team, etc.

After such preparatory work, you can proceed to the direct preparation of the document.

Rules For Creating A Resume For Medical Doctor

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The tone of the resume should be exclusively business. Even if you apply for leadership positions (for example, the position of chief physician), do not boast too much about your achievements. Be humble, describe your education and work experience, but do not show excessive bragging.

Particular attention should be paid not only to the content of the resume, but also to the design of the document. It is important to maintain a general business style, use a neutral font, and not use bright colors and shades.

An important part of any doctor’s resume (regardless of the specific specialization) is the photograph . The thing is that the doctor spends most of his working time communicating with patients. And since the work of a medical officer is associated with great risks, it is very important that the person of the doctor inspire confidence and inspire respect both among the patients themselves and their relatives. It is recommended that you attach a photograph in a dressing gown at your desk to your resume You should not be too serious, there may be a slight smile on your face .

Remember that your work is largely related to communicating with people.

Resume For Medical Doctor

When preparing a resume, it is important to note the fact that you meet all the requirements of the employer, as prescribed in the vacancy itself. So, for example, if an applicant requires work experience in a laboratory, it is very important to talk about in which laboratory and for how long you worked, what exactly you did. Thus, you will make it clear to the employer that you value his time and take seriously any business that you undertake (even if this is a resume).

Very often in the sample resumes you can find such a column as “Additional Information”. Most often, it is intended to describe those facts that did not find a place in all previous chapters. So, for example, if your place of residence and the intended place of work are located at different ends of the city, then it will be useful to indicate information that you own your own vehicle and the rights to drive it.

If you do not know what to write in this section, then you can simply delete it; it is by no means mandatory.

Cover letter for Medical Doctor

Cover Letter For Medical Doctor

Not every employer requires job seekers to write a cover letter. In this regard, such a document should be considered additional rather than the main one. At the same time, if such a requirement is present, then its writing should be approached as seriously as the compilation of the resume itself.

The first thing to do is to carefully consider the sections that will be included in your cover letter. So, you can write about your education, work experience, personal qualities or motivation – in this regard, all means are good. Remember that your first priority is to attract the attention of the employer precisely to your candidacy, as it deals with a lot of documentation that comes from dozens or even hundreds of applicants.

When writing a cover letter, you should not go into the details of your personal life or describe your biography in detail. It is important to note only those points that will be relevant at the new place of work. For example, you can talk about the fact that you previously worked as a family doctor (if you apply for a similar vacancy) and that those families that have been your clients have been treated with you for years or even generations, and also advised you as a professional to your friends and acquaintances.

Such notes will allow the employer to conclude that you are not only a good specialist, but also know how to communicate with people, make a good impression on them.

Cover Letter For resume for Medical Doctor

If you decide to tell about your education in a cover letter, it is important to mention your extraordinary achievements. For example, you can tell that you won the university anatomy olympiad or defended the honor of your medical university at a state competition. You should also talk about diplomas, certificates and awards that you managed to win during the training. If available, you can attach letters of recommendation from your teachers.

As you can see, writing a cover letter does not need to be approached exclusively formally. That is why in it you can write about why you decided to become a doctor, give a personal story and examples from life. Here you can talk about your individual qualities and characteristics, thanks to which you will become not only a valuable employee for the hospital, but also a good doctor for patients.

In this sense, for example, the ability to clarify the nature of serious illnesses to patients can help.

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How to Write Resume For Medical Doctor?

How To Write Resume For Medical Doctor?

There are quite a lot of doctors looking for work today. That is why it is very important to stand out from the total mass of applicants. A professionally compiled resume will help you do this. It should be borne in mind that for each individual specialist a document for employment will look different.

CV For Medical Doctor?

There are certain differences in how to write a resume for different medical fields from a general practitioner, veterinarian, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, pediatrician, general practitioner, radiologist, ultrasound specialist, sports doctor, cosmetologist, neurologist, dermatologist, ENT specialist, chief physician of the hospital, specialist in clinical laboratory diagnostics, ophthalmologist, resuscitation anesthetist, medical doctor, etc. However, there is a general template, by the example of which it is possible to compose a document.

Let us consider in detail several main blocks of the resume.

Personal qualities

It should be noted right away that the personal qualities of a doctor are quite significant. Of course, the most important part of your resume should be a description of your medical education, as well as work experience in your specialty, but the section “Personal qualities” should in no case be neglected. The thing is that a doctor spends a considerable amount of time within his working day surrounded by people: patients or colleagues (even a veterinarian communicates with animal owners). That is why your individual characteristics are of great importance as to whether you will be hired or not.

It is useful for a doctor to possess such qualities as stress resistance, sociability, customer focus, patience, love for people, tolerance, discipline, responsibility, a sense of duty, etc. However, in no case should you copy templates from the Internet, describe your personality and go to creative task.

Professional skills for Doctor Resume

Professional skills are the basis of you as a specialist. Be sure to tell us that you know how to work with data files (both physical and computer), know-how to carry out diagnostic tests, know how to communicate with patients, etc.

The more skills and abilities you have, the more attention the employer will give you. In order not to be unfounded, you can also attach copies of certificates of special courses or trainings. Remember that science and medicine are constantly evolving, so a specialist must keep pace with all these changes and be aware of the latest technologies and developments.

Interests and hobbies

Despite the fact that the medical profession itself is quite complicated and time-consuming, it is important to show the employer that you are an erudite and interested person, that in addition to working in your life, there are other important things. So, for example, you can tell about your love for needlework, reading or watching documentaries. The resume section “Hobbies and Hobbies” is a way to show your personality and prove yourself as a highly educated and intelligent person.

If there is no work experience

It is especially difficult when applying for a job for those specialists who have just graduated from a higher educational institution and do not yet have the proper work experience. In this case, you have to rely on 2 main points.

First of all, you need to tell about all your internships and practices that you went through during your studies. You may have volunteered, provided medical assistance to your neighbors, or helped some of your relatives as part of your educational activities. In this case, it will be especially important to demonstrate feedback and recommendations.

The second thing you should focus on is your motivation. Be sure to tell us why you want to work as a doctor and why it is so important to you. The employer will definitely pay attention to such points.


Writing a resume can seem like a daunting task. That is why it is useful to have several visual examples at hand.

Video on Medical Resume Examples

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