resume for logistics: How do I write a logistics resume?

Logistics is a popular and highly paid profession, which in recent years is gaining more and more popularity among young people. If you try to briefly describe the content of the profession, it should be said that the logistician is a specialist who organizes and controls the transportation of various kinds of goods. Today in our article we will talk about how to correctly compose resume For Logistics.

Structure of Resume For Logistics

Resume For Logistics:  How Do I Write A Logistics Resume?

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the resume of a logistician is an official document that is necessary for a job. When filling out it, you must adhere to strict rules accepted in the business world. And the first thing to keep in mind is that the resume should have a clear and understandable structure. Consider the main sections that should be included in the document.

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personal information

In this section, you should write such personal data as F.I.O., place of residence, marital status, presence or absence of children, as well as ways to contact you (not only a phone number but also email, instant messengers, etc. .).

Education Resume For Logistics

In order to get a logistics position, you must have a specialized education. Accordingly, in this column it is recommended to describe in detail (in chronological order) all the educational institutions that you graduated, indicating the date of study and your specific specialization.

Education Resume For Logistics

You can also write about the fact that you took additional advanced training courses, attended master classes, trainings or any other educational events.

What is logistics experience?

In this column it is worth writing 3-5 places of the previous work. At the same time, you must also indicate the specific position and dates of the beginning of labor activity and its completion. Be prepared for the fact that at the interview the employer may ask you why you decided to leave this or that company.

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What skills should I list on my resume?

The key skills that will come in handy during the course of your work may vary depending on your specialty (for example, a transport logistician, a freight transport specialist, a remote logistics dispatcher, etc.). One way or another, but you must be able to effectively perform the duties of any of these specialists. Therefore, in summary, you can specify the following skills:

What Skills Should I List On My Resume?
  • the skill of planning financial costs for logistics;
  • the ability to keep documents and provide competent reporting;
  • coordination of the work of couriers;
  • budgeting;
  • inventory of warehouses;
  • data processing in 1C8;
  • shipment planning, etc.

It is better to enter in the resume those skills that are fully consistent with a particular specialization.


In the column “Achievements” you can write about what you have achieved in previous posts. For example, you can write about the absence of an accident or overfulfillment of the plan.

Personal qualities

Personal qualities play the same important role as professional skills. It is important for the logistician to be sociable, responsible, attentive to details, have an analytical mindset, be stress-resistant , and also be able to make independent decisions and be responsible for them.

Additional Information

In the column with additional information, you can write data on the availability of a driver’s license and personal transport, as well as readiness for moving or frequent business trips. You can also attach the characteristics and recommendations of employers from previous jobs.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Resume For Logistics

A competent resume is an opportunity to make a positive impression on the employer and increase your chances of getting the desired position several times. In this regard, when writing a document, it is important not to make mistakes. Let’s consider some of them.

How To Avoid Mistakes In Resume For Logistics

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High volume

It is generally accepted that the optimal size of a resume is 1 page, in some cases it is acceptable to send a 2-page document. One way or another, but a brief and succinct summary is an opportunity to show the employer that you value his time. Remember that in the process of finding a professional for a particular vacancy, the employer receives a huge number of documents from dozens of applicants.

Appreciate his time, as the employer is physically unable to read all incoming voluminous resumes.

Excessive Personal Information

The content of the resume should be directly related to the position for which you are applying. This means that it should not include personal and biographical data that are not directly related to the case.

Errors and typos

The presence of grammar, spelling, punctuation and any other errors in your resume will create a negative impression about you in the eyes of the employer. That is why, before sending the document, you should carefully re-read the resume several times, and also ask for help from your friends and relatives. You can also use special services to check spelling.


Let’s look at some good examples of resumes for a logistics position.

  • As we can see, this document is very clearly structured, so it is quite easy to perceive visually. In addition, the applicant has attached his photo, which is a mandatory requirement for some employers.
  • This document is beautifully designed, contains graphics and symbolic images . It should be borne in mind that such a design is not acceptable in every company, therefore, in this regard, one should be very careful and prudent.

When compiling the document, you can rely on the examples provided by us, but in no case can you copy them verbatim. Be sure to add your personality.

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