Resume For It Specialist: IT skills, tips what to write

To “grab” the desired position in Information technology IT, you need to provide your employer with a good quality resume written in short and clear. Today we’ll talk about how to create resume for IT specialist and key tips.

What to write a Resume For It Specialist?

What To Write A Resume For It Specialist?

The resume of an IT specialist in its composition is not much different from the resume of an ordinary employee, for example, a grocery store seller. Blocks in both cases are the same. Firstly, this is your personal data, which will simply show the employer that you are you and not someone else . Here you need to indicate your last name, first name, middle name, date of birth (in a format convenient for you, for example, 01.01.2001), contact information (mobile phone and / or e-mail).

Secondly, you need to tell the employer about your level of education, as well as previous workplaces. As for the places of study, they are written in direct sequence, if there are several. Places of previous work are indicated in descending order, that is, first the place where you last worked, and at the end – the company with which you just started your journey.

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Thirdly, many employers consider the most important point your achievements, as well as recommendations from previous jobs. Agree, even if you yourself were a leader, you would like to see such an employee for whom other companies would fight and advise him. Speaking about achievements, it can include a lot of things, for example, you proposed an idea, thanks to which production increased three times. This is a very significant factor.

You can complete all this with a description of your main personal qualities, as well as a small amount of additional information that will be useful to your employer. Keep in mind that you need to write in personal qualities that will affect the work process, for example: stress resistance, self-discipline, responsibility, but in no case kindness and the like.

Additional information, although it is considered a secondary item, however, has a great influence on the selection of a suitable candidate. These include PC skills, having rights and a personal car, other skills that will set you apart from the mass of other candidates.

Cover letter for Resume For It Specialist

Writing a resume is only half the story. It is now quite relevant to attach special cover letters with a resume. Abroad, such a practice is an integral part, and we only put it into circulation.

Cover Letter For Resume For It Specialist

When writing a cover letter, you need to consider several features:

  • the letter should be short and clear;
  • The idea that you want to convey (for example, the desire to get the position of an IT specialist) should be clearly expressed;
  • your work experience (1-3 sentences);
  • contact details and some additional information about yourself (the first is necessary for communication, and additional information will help the employer to make a complete picture of you).

The purpose of such a letter is to make it clear to your employer in a short period of time that you are the specialist he needs.

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what to avoid in Information technology specialist resume

Consider the main mistakes made by “newcomers” in the process of writing their first resume. Often these errors can be avoided if you know about them in advance.

What To Avoid In Information Technology Specialist Resume
  • Detailing data. This is a fairly common mistake that most beginners make. The employer absolutely does not want to read a long water summary – he needs only specific facts about the applicant.
  • Grammar. This point may turn out to be obvious, but it is precisely the grammatical errors that most often face the employer. There is no room for error – such resumes are immediately sent to the trash. It is better to re-read your resume several times or let it be examined by a trusted person.
  • Fictional data. Do you really know all twelve foreign languages? Have you really traveled the whole globe? Is your salary always above one hundred thousand dollars? If your answer is relatively positive, then you should review your resume. Often, the employer checks all the dubious facts about you, and if something is false there, then you can say goodbye to this place of work and get a bad recommendation.
  • Invalid contact details. Carefully check all your contacts, as it will be very sad if you come up, but it will not work to contact you.

IT specialist resume samples

IT Specialist Resume Samples

In this paragraph, we consider the most clear and vivid template (example) of a good resume for an IT specialist, which is likely to be accepted by the employer.

Summary Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich


Replacing the vacant position of IT specialist.

Personal data

Born 10/10/1995, I live at the address: abc, st. xyz, 32, apt. 123, mobile phone: 01 (123) 010101010 , e-mail:


November 12, 2015 – present company abc, position of system administrator.


Higher, abc University.


Due to its own initiative to improve the organization of the computer network, the working productivity increased by 28%.

Add. information

I have the following skills:

  • in-depth knowledge of computer systems;
  • ability to work with programs Photoshop, Microsoft Office;
  • maintenance and repair of printers, copiers;
  • the ability to lay computer networks;
  • programming experience (C ++, C #, Ruby, Python, Java).

Personal qualities

Analytical / mathematical mindset, enthusiasm, creativity, determination, communication skills, concentration, organization.

Recommendations: company abc…..

This resume for IT specialist can be designed and issued in a more interesting way. This will emphasize your feature – creativity, and also highlight your candidacy in the eyes of the employer among other applicants.

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