Job Description For Stylist: Salary, education quick guide

Today, various kinds of creative professions have become very popular among young people, which implies a special career path. Many young people seek employment in the field of fashion and beauty. One such popular profession is the stylist. It should be borne in mind that the professional activity of the stylist is associated with great responsibility.

what is job description for stylist? What specializations exist? What is the responsibility of such a specialist? How much does stylists earn and how to start his career in this field? You will find detailed answers to these and some other questions in our article.

Job Description For Stylist: Salary, Education Quick Guide

Job Description For Stylist

The profession of a stylist is very popular and is in demand for a reason. The appearance of a person has always been important. Moreover, this trend began to develop quite a long time ago – already in the Middle Ages, fashion was an important component of the cultural life of secular society.

To date, the situation has not changed at all. Every modern person pays great attention to their appearance, carefully selects their hair and clothes, and forms their own individual style. However, not everyone has the appropriate taste and creative abilities, so many people resort to the help of a stylist.

Job Description For Stylist

A stylist is a professional who will help create the look of your dreams.

Moreover, in the course of his work, he builds on a large number of a variety of factors. This is your style and rhythm of life, physiological features (figure, face shape, eye color and much more), taste preferences. A professional in the beauty and fashion industry will help you correct or hide flaws, and also skillfully emphasize all the advantages.

Despite the fact that most often stylists are involved in working with show business stars, theater and film actors, as well as other public figures, the trend of attracting a stylist is more and more common among ordinary people who want to improve their appearance. That is why this profession remains in demand and does not lose its relevance over time.

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List of Stylist specialists

Due to the fact that the stylist is a rather diverse profession and this specialist can improve the most diverse spheres of the human image, there are narrow specializations in which each stylist can prove himself to be a professional of the highest class.

List Of Stylist Specialists

Consider some of the most popular specializations:

  • hairdresser-stylist – this specialist takes care of the condition of your hair, he can also look after your beard and mustache;
  • stylist, make-up artist – he will help you create makeup, talk about the correct application of cosmetics, taking into account your individual characteristics and characteristics;
  • fashion stylist – will help you create a general image, talk about the latest fashion trends, pick up a wardrobe;
  • male and female stylists – are engaged in creating attractive images for the female or male half of humanity;
  • designer-stylist – interior specialist, for example;
  • perfume stylist – will help you choose a perfume fragrance that will meet all your needs and personality;
  • manicure stylist – tidy up your nails;
  • photographer-stylist – will help create a unique image for a photo shoot.

It should be noted that this list of specializations of stylists is not exhaustive. Depending on their own interests, as well as abilities, stylists manifest themselves in a variety of areas.

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What a stylist does on a daily basis

What a stylist does on a daily basis depends entirely on his specialization. In general, this specialist solves a whole range of tasks that are directly related to the fashion and beauty industry.

What A Stylist Does On A Daily Basis

If you try to give a standard list of duties of a stylist, then it may include several points.

  • Primary acquaintance with the client. The first meeting and getting to know the client plays a crucial role in the stylist since it is during this event that he learns all the necessary information about his client. In addition, at this moment you can evaluate how psychologically the client and the stylist are suitable for each other.
  • Shopping trip. Joint shopping is an event during which the stylist explains and shows to his client all the main trends and fashion trends. And also at this time, the specialist talks about how to choose the right clothes taking into account individual characteristics (for example, taking into account the type of figure).
  • Discussion of color schemes. It is very important that the stylist correctly defines the color scheme that best suits the client. In this regard, it is necessary to take into account a number of physiological factors: skin tone, eye and hair color, and much more.
  • Change hairstyles. Very often, the transformation of the appearance begins with a change in hairstyle. If the stylist himself has the necessary knowledge and skills, then he can do the haircut and dye himself. Otherwise, the help of professional hairdressers is useful.
  • Makeup selection. This procedure is aimed at ensuring that the client learns to apply makeup on his own. At the same time, the stylist talks about how to properly hide certain flaws, but at the same time emphasize the existing advantages.

Thus, the duties of a stylist include a whole range of the most diverse tasks.

Requirements and Skills for a stylist

Depending on the specific place of work, specialization, as well as some other factors, the employer may put forward some requirements in relation to the stylist. Moreover, these requirements apply not only to professional activities but also to personal characteristics.

Requirements And Skills For A Stylist

Personal characteristics

It is believed that a successful stylist should possess such qualities as:

  • creative mindset and creative thinking;
  • love of communication and sociability, the ability to build a dialogue and inspire confidence in a stranger;
  • leadership skills and organizational skills;
  • ability to adapt and adapt depending on the situation;
  • responsibility and discipline;
  • attention to details;
  • punctuality;
  • tolerance;
  • tact;
  • patience.

It is important to keep in mind that in the course of his activity, the stylist communicates with a large number of people, so he must be able to find an approach to everyone.

Professional skills

However, regardless of what personal qualities a stylist possesses, the basis of his professional activity is knowledge and skills, among which there are:

  • knowledge of fashion history, understanding of its principles;
  • knowledge of color;
  • hairdressing skills;
  • good imagination;
  • knowledge of human psychology;
  • art abilities;
  • other qualities depending on specialization.

As you can see, such a specialist must have a variety of creative skills in order to be successful in the profession.

stylist education

Stylist Education

To be a stylist, you need to get a special education – higher education after grade 11 or graduate from college after grade 9. Alternatively, it may be the Higher School of Style. As a rule, in institutes and colleges today there is no universal specialty for stylists. But you can choose one of the specializations: “Hairdressing” (colleges), “Design” (institutes), as well as courses in the specialties “Make-up artist-stylist”, “Hairdresser-stylist”, “Makeup stylistics”, “Stylist in advertising and show- business ”, etc.

In this case, after school, you need to take creative entrance exams, and only then you can begin direct learning. In each individual educational institution, you need to know in advance which subjects you need to take. In addition, it should be borne in mind that such training will take you quite a lot of time.

At the same time, not all employers require an education diploma. In this regard, you do not have to enter and study in a traditional educational institution . In some cases, there will be enough courses.

The employer prescribes more specific requirements for candidates in the job description.

how much does stylist make?

How Much Does Stylist Make

The salary of a stylist varies significantly depending on the place of work (capital, regions or province), his qualifications, as well as fame among the general public. So, a novice stylist working in a small company receives about $2000 a month, while the income of well-known professionals can exceed $5000 to $10000.

How to become a stylist

Becoming a professional without experience and portfolio will fail. That is why you will have to start from the starting position. For example, you can get an assistant or an intern to a well-known specialist and gradually gain experience in this area. After you collect your own portfolio, participate in a variety of projects, you can start independent promotion in the field of industry and beauty.

At the same time, try to attend a large number of master classes, trainings and courses in order to increase your knowledge base, as well as in order to make new acquaintances, thanks to which you can quickly and efficiently move up the career ladder.

How To Become A Stylist

Stylist Careers

A stylist is a work that involves unlimited promotion and career growth. So, starting to work as an assistant stylist, for example, on the set, you can reach the highest peaks and become an internationally recognized master.

At the same time, you can work as a hired employee in a design house or agency or work independently and open your own business. Depending on your chosen path, your income will vary significantly. Job description for stylist also depends upon the specific field stay tuned we will discuss one by one for you.

However, at the same time, there are certain risks, therefore, you should objectively evaluate your capabilities in advance.

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