Invitation to interview: how to invite candidate for interview by email or by phone?

The company cannot always remain open for vacancy, it is a temporary open. Its presence is interrupted either by finding a new employee in the place of the previous one or by abolishing, reorganizing the position in which she periodically appeared and disappeared.

Keyways for Invitation To Interview

Invitation To Interview: How To Invite Candidate For Interview By Email

An open vacancy is a constant reminder that the company needs an employee, an executor (subordinate or subordinate head of a unit, department). Invitation of candidates for an interview is the first step to closing the vacancy created by the previous employee when the employer left. They send it carefully — it tells new future employees about the company sometimes even more than the actual data available about it in the public domain.

Despite the fact that the invitation to an interview has some general principles and unwritten rules, in the end, it must be written in any form. According to it, the applicant develops the first real impression of the company where he is called to work. An actor can be either a specialist, a personnel selection manager, or one of the leaders. In rare cases – even the CEO, owner, founder – when the company is small and has a single office. The main rule is to clearly communicate your expectations to the applicants, without evading compliance with the rules of business correspondence and establishing important contacts for work.

The invitation can be issued as a written or oral appeal to the applicant selected by the company. They are selected according to the selection results from a summary of numerous candidates who have applied for specific vacancies.

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Invitation To Interview By phone

Invitation To Interview By Phone

Calling the applicant by mobile phone is the most popular, “lively” way to establish business contact with him. When calling, the person selecting the staff should:

  • Introduce oneself – name and surname, company and position;
  • ask if it’s convenient for him to talk now or to call back better;
  • provide the office address where this candidate is invited;
  • indicate the date and time of his expectation and ask if he can arrive at the place of interview at the appointed time.

It is necessary to avoid stuttering, parasitic words. Even better, when a company representative does not burr and does not lisp. In responsible companies, they try to prevent such people from recruiting and communicating with clients. However, there are cases when, for example, collection bureaus completely neglected this rule, putting a person with the above speech problems on the phone. This is an anti-example, ignore this.

If problems with speech are on the side of the applicant, they can be offered an alternative position where he communicates with the client in writing, rather than verbally.

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Invitation To Interview By email

Invitation To Interview By Email

It makes sense to write an invitation to an interview by e-mail when the applicant has indicated his email address. A written invitation can be duplicated either just in case, or sent when the waiting period is short, and the applicant missed a call from the company waiting for him.

In the latter case, e-mail is used when the search for an employee is urgent, urgent. For example, it became known that the previous colleague of the employer had an accident and died. And someone should continue to work for him, since this position is one of the key ones, and simple work will seriously damage the business of the company.

Having hastily and legally passed all formal confirmations, immediately announced a vacancy, the employer will immediately find new candidates. But he will apply tight waiting times and will quickly work in the order of priority, built in a lively everyday queue. In addition, many job seekers do not often use e-mail.

If you can’t reach the right candidate (if there is one, there are no others), writing an invitation by e-mail can be a useful step. The invitation letter begins with a greeting and / or appeal to the applicant by name and patronymic. The letter sets out information about the company, indicates the date, time and address of the meeting. The appeal to the applicant ends with a wish for success in future work. Even when this work will be continued not in this company, but outside it. The representative names his name and surname, as well as the position.

Other options for Invitation To Interview

The “advanced” option is to find a job seeker by messenger (Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) – and write or get through to him using VoIP packet voice communication, even when the subscriber’s mobile phone is unavailable. The fact is that the applicant’s messengers can work on another gadget where there is no SIM card at all or it does not have a phone number. Then the dialogue will take place not in the form of letters (dry and concise), but in the form of a more “lively” and laid-back business conversation (“question-answer”).

Be that as it may, observe business etiquette: you are just future employees. If it is not possible to contact via messengers, the employer will send an SMS message to the applicant, which briefly indicates the company and its department (division, branch), desire to meet, address and place of meeting, date and time.

Previously, before the advent of cell phones, the message was “dumped” to a pager. If the applicant did not have a home telephone, a regular letter was sent to his address of residence on behalf of the authorized defendant.

If the applicant was in another city, but sent the application in his first letter, sent to the address of the company he was interested in, a response telegram could also be sent.

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How To Invite Candidate For Interview?

A recruiter must have business communication skills. To make a clear agreement, avoid parasitic words, stuttering. Quickly and adequately respond to what is happening. Communication skills come with hands-on experience.

Do not disclose unnecessary information or incriminating information about yourself . But it is not worthwhile to deceive each other when both have specific questions on the topic of conversation. The hidden truth, even if it is unflattering, will still be revealed either at the interview, or when the applicant has already become a full-fledged employee of the company. This information may become a reason for refusing to conclude an agreement on forthcoming work or for the sudden dismissal of a new employee from his newly acquired place of work.

Writing Examples

It’s wiser to use the template, but not copy it. If applications are processed by the site, it is based on a script that speeds up the processing of letters. A sample text, even when it is a standard, it’s better to redo it a bit, to “refresh” it. As an example, a letter from xyz about hiring a new sales assistant in one of the stores.

“Dear AlI!

You have sent a resume for a job as a sales assistant to a store located at the following address: abc.

Thank you for taking us a few minutes! Based on the results of the selection of candidates, we chose you, since you are better than the others who approached us. Your knowledge, experience, and skills are very important to us. We are interested in fruitful and effective cooperation with you.

We are looking for an employee on the vacant seat. We invite you to meet us at the address above. We are waiting for you on Monday, October 14, 2019, at 11:00. If you intend to reschedule the meeting, let us know in one of the ways:

  • by number: 0123455677 (abc personnel selection specialist in xyz);
  • on the hotline 8000000000 (call the operator of the MTS call center the application ID: 110000902);
  • by sending us a reply by e-mail:

We hope that we will meet your expectations. We wish you success!

Sincerely, xyz, Recruitment Specialist,

abc branch of the xyz company.

This sample shows: turn the attention of the applicant first of all to what he wants – and not to what you and your company want. He will be surprised and flattered by such treatment.

Let him know that his interests and expectations are not the last in your future cooperation, common cause.

How Candidate responds to invitation to interview?

The candidate who has not found another job during this time agrees with the invitation. But when a job has already been found, he informs the employer. Act politely. If you do not come due to a specific reason, try not to break the contact for good. Subsequently, the employer may call you again if you lose your current job.

The preparation of a response to an Invitation to Interview by SMS, e-mail or through instant messengers is based on the same canons of business correspondence. Respond to the invitation as early as possible. Ideally, when notifications about incoming letters are configured, and the letters themselves are sorted into folders, which facilitates your response to an employer request. In the end, thank the person for your attention to the person.

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