How To Reject A Candidate After Interview Professional Guide

Business communication is a communication format that has its own rules, norms, regulations, and recommendations. Unfortunately, not all companies adhere to the format, sometimes they violate it grossly or simply neglect business etiquette. And often, such mistakes occur in a situation where a candidate is rejected who has not successfully passed an interview. Today we will discuss professional way to How To Reject A Candidate After Interview.

How To Reject A Candidate After Interview Professional Guide

reasons to reject a candidate after interview

Honest position, which will explain the reasons to reject a candidate after interview, prevails. But these should be reasons that directly relate to the professional appearance and the idea of ​​the qualities of the candidate that has developed with the host company. If the candidate himself makes a request for an explanation of the reasons, a professional omission will refuse him this.

However, there are several reasons that are still not worth voicing. We list them.

  • If you do not like the appearance of the applicant, age, some features of self-presentation. If all this can be explained by the subjective assessment, then such things, of course, are not voiced. This seems like an unreasonable decision on the part of the employer. Perhaps it is so.
  • Discrimination is prohibited, therefore a self-respecting employer has neither the moral nor the legal right to manifest it. But this is in theory. In practice, gender discrimination often manifests itself when the employer is confident that the woman (or man) will not be able to cope with a specific job, so she (he) must be refused employment. This approach is completely out of date, in addition, he condemns. But even if the employer is guided by just such an assessment, voicing it is a double mistake.
Reasons To Reject A Candidate After Interview

Possible reasons for rejection may be:

  • high demands of the applicant;
  • false data;
  • incorrectly composed resume;
  • self-doubt, which is predicted to negatively affect work;
  • frequent job changes;
  • lateness, disrespectful attitude of the applicant to the format of the interview, to specialists.

There is also such a reason as “personal motive”. But it sounds extremely unconvincing and is not objective. Although the employer, of course, can intuitively understand that this particular company candidate is not suitable.

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rejection letter after interview response is it Important?

Refusing a job is one thing, but refusing an explanation is an even bigger loss of reputation. Especially in cases where the casting or competition is carried out in several stages, and the applicant is “screened out” at the final interviews. In this case, the employer makes a small professional report based on the results of the selection, which makes the selection process transparent, which can help the potential applicant in further employment.

Rejection Letter After Interview Response Is It Important?

Once again it is worth noting – you need to answer. This information is important not only for the applicant (he undoubtedly deserves respect), but also for the company that wants to maintain a business reputation, and therefore wants to make the selection of specialists transparent, objective, clear.

One should adhere to this position: each applicant is a potential partner. Today he may be refused, and tomorrow he will become part of the company (client or colleague). And the rejection, which will be given without explanation and notifications, is a big minus for the company.

Finally, it is worth remembering that today feedback is the Internet, where feedback works both as advertising and as anti-advertising. If a candidate for a particular position has not received an answer about accepting a job (or rejection) and any adequate explanations, he can speak about it on the Internet, which will be a blow to the company.

best way to reject a candidate

Ideally, if during the interview itself or even the announcement of it, the company organizing the selection clearly marks the response time. This is a competitive approach that pre-structures relationships. The applicant will not worry ahead of time, he will have a clear algorithm of actions. And this also disciplines the employer.

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The maximum period for an answer is 2 weeks. Everything that does not fit into this period indicates the disorganization of the hiring process in the company. It is assumed that the candidate is not looking for other ways, waiting for an answer. Therefore, to wait longer than 2 weeks is simply disrespectful.

Best Way To Reject A Candidate

Consider the options for how to notify the applicant about the rejection.

  • By phone. The most common option. The employee who received this mission should be instructed in communicating with the applicant. A business tone, a communication style, a friendly attitude, a clear and meaningful answer – this is what should be in such communication.
  • Written disclaimer. You can write to the applicant if there is an agreement on such a relationship with a polite rejection letter. You can make template letters for the personnel department, which will be composed correctly and respectfully. If the rejection concerns this particular time period, but the company sees the potential in the applicant, is not averse to seeing it in other projects (in the future), then this should be reported in the letter or you can send thank you email to candidate after interview.

To invite a candidate for a personal conversation in order to eventually refuse him is appropriate in rare cases. Some employers do this to leave the candidate “in reserve”, but often this does not look too correct. A person spends time, experiences stress, and as a result receives ghostly hopes and severe rejection in response.

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candidate rejection template

For some companies, writing a waiver is a problem. Some are embarrassed, others act very sharply, and someone gives not quite clear answers. There are formats or candidate rejection email template to reject respectfully and competently.

Sample bounce alert text.

  • Hello, Ali! On September 20, 2019, you were interviewed as a sales manager. On behalf of the Forum company, I thank you for your time. We saw that you are a professional and development-oriented specialist, you left a good impression about yourself. Unfortunately, our choice fell on another candidate. Your resume remains in our database in the event that a suitable vacancy is soon available in the company. We will be happy to invite you to cooperation. All the best! HR Manager Elena Petrova.
  • Asad! We are informing you of the results of the competition for the position of head of cultural projects of the Everest Foundation. Your resume turned out to be interesting for us, but among the applicants there was a specialist who, as of today, meets the criteria for selecting a candidate as much as possible. We wish you to find a position where your professional achievements and potential will be appreciated. If you give permission, your resume will remain in our database. HR department, Everest Foundation.

These are templates with sample language that can be changed, supplemented, and so on. A telephone conversation can also be made up of these patterns.

How To Reject A Candidate After Interview?

How To Reject A Candidate After Interview?

It all depends on what the contest was, as well as how many applicants have to notify about the rejection. If there are more than 7-10, the employer will not just call everyone. But if this work rests with the representatives of the personnel department, the secretary, you can insist on a polite and beautiful rejection by telephone.

Recommendations for correct and correct rejection to the applicant.

  • Do not go beyond the business qualities of the candidate. Any hints of appearance, gender, age, race will be considered discrimination. And discrimination can cause the applicant to go to court.
  • Do not promise to hire in the future if this is a simple attempt to mitigate the denial.
  • Keep track of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, which also form part of your impression of you.
  • Do not write very long texts. Meaningful and capacious – this is how to write a rejection.
  • If you have information about the place where the applicant could apply for a position, inform this in another letter or call.
  • Be sure to finish the text on a benevolent note.

The rules of the competition, the format of the interview, the requirements for the resume and the form of rejection- this is what should be documented in the company. The recruitment department should be instructed in the correct documentation.

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