How To Refuse Job Offer Letter: 5 Common Rules Guide 2020

Applicants for a position in a reputable company, as a rule, anxiously awaiting the results of the interview. However, for some reason, the desire to be on the staff of the enterprise may disappear, and then there is a need to inform the company of his decision that you want to refuse job offer letter due to some reasons. Using the rules of beautiful rejection, you can do it without any complications.

How To Refuse Job Offer Letter: 5 Common Rules Guide 2020

job offer rejection letter due to personal reasons

Before looking for a sample letter declining a job offer after accepting it for a polite rejection of the proposed position, you should think carefully. You spent time searching for a job, successfully completed all the stages of the competition, you were approved by the head of the company and singled out among other candidates. In a new place, they hope for you and associate certain expectations with you – there must be a very good reason to Refuse Job Offer Letter you have agreed to the proposed conditions. Carefully analyze the situation and think about why you changed your mind.

There are reasons that should not affect your opinion:

  • someone from friends or relatives convinced you – you should listen exclusively to your own inner voice and rely on verified reliable sources;
  • you are afraid to not justify your hopes – in this case, try to attend a training or turn to affirmations to increase self-esteem;
  • you don’t have a good reason for refusing, you just don’t want to change anything in your life – force yourself to leave the comfort zone, all the changes are for the better.
Job Offer Rejection Letter Due To Personal Reasons

Really noteworthy reasons for substantiating a decision to refuse an interesting post are actually not so many:

  • during the selection process you received another offer that is more profitable for you;
  • incorrect understanding of the features of the upcoming work due to the lack of a clear structured job description;
  • inappropriate work schedule, possible business trips, weekend employment;
  • inconsistency of the proposed wage to the declared level;
  • lack of confidence in their professionalism.

If your arguments are really weighty – be sure to notify the head of the company where you passed the competitive selection about the change in your intentions.

The arguments should be as convincing as possible in a situation when it comes to a well-paid job or if the interview was a multi-stage system for assessing your professionalism with a significant expenditure of time and energy on both sides.

The question arises: is it necessary to inform the failed boss that you have changed your mind about working for him because this is not the most pleasant procedure – you need to find the time, choose words, spend your nerves and, perhaps, hear reproaches against you. Nevertheless, it is necessary to gather your will into a fist and still voice your refusal, and this should be done as delicately as possible. There are several reasons for this.

  • In recruitment agencies, there is a single database where employers send their feedback to a particular applicant. If you get there with a negative assessment, then the chance of being invited to another company for a similar position will be small.
  • If you work in the same industry, then the chance to cross in the future is great. Therefore, it is always better if the separation will take place on a pleasant note.

Case study. One young man applied for a top management position in a large furniture company, however, a few days after he was approved for the post, they called him from a competing company and offered a similar place, but with a higher payment. He accepted the offer, but did not notify the employer to whom he was initially going. Later it turned out that the owners of both firms are relatives. When the fact surfaced that one of them hired an employee who failed the second, the young man was fired.

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Send job refusal in time

Send Job Refusal In Time

Ideally, indicate your rejection of a job offer as early as possible. The deadline is a period of 7-10 days from the date of the last interview. If you take the time, then simply put the employer in an awkward position: since the company is looking for a person for a particular position, most likely they need an employee in the near future. Procrastination with the registration of the refusal of the post leads to the fact that the employer is forced to seek a new specialist and carry out all stages of the selection again.

In such a situation, the company may suffer losses, a failed employee is threatened with at least a loss of business reputation, and in the worst case, he will be in the “black list” of applicants.

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How To Refuse Job Offer Letter

So we are here how to reject a job offer politely email in writing, as well as by phone or in person.

 How To Refuse Job Offer Letter

In writing or email

A written refusal to work in the following situations is allowed :

  • if the position offered to you is insignificant and does not belong to the category of top management;
  • if the potential boss is characterized by a quick-tempered and unbalanced character, rude and restrained in relations with others;
  • if prior to the interview you had an active correspondence;
  • if you got a creative position, one way or another connected with writing.

When compiling a written refusal, make sure that the text is written correctly, without spelling and syntax errors. Check the correctness of the email address and double-check the fact of sending – it is advisable to set the delivery and reading of the message by the addressee in the settings.

When writing a letter or email for a sample, you can take such text.

“Dear Manager! Thank you for your interest in my candidacy and for your time. I was interested to get acquainted with such a large enterprise, but, unfortunately, I have to refuse the proposal made to me. The situation was such that they offered me a promotion and, after weighing everything very carefully, I decided to stay in my former place of work.

Thank you again for your attention and hope for your understanding. Good luck finding the right specialist. Sincerely, Petrov Petr Petrovich. “


If the competitive selection for the position consisted of several stages and took a lot of time, often personal contacts are established between the candidate and the recruiter. In this case, a refusal to offer one or another position is best indicated in person. Be sure to thank the representative of the company for your trust and succinctly justify your decision.

Do not forget to express regret about the situation and wish the manager to find a good candidate for this responsible position.

By phone

A telephone waiver is appropriate in the following cases:

  • if the interview was conducted through instant messengers, by skype or by phone;
  • if you are not giving up a leadership position;
  • if you do not have the opportunity to arrange an in-person meeting (this must be mentioned in the conversation and apologize).

We draw attention to the fact that all the leaders are busy people, and there is always a risk that your call will be heard at the wrong time. That is why, before dialing the number of a failed boss, be sure to check with the personnel service at what time he will be able to talk with you, or at least ask if he is comfortable talking now.

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5 Common Rules Refuse Job Offer

When making refusal of a job offer, there are several rules drawn up by psychologists and personnel officers.

5 Common Rules  Refuse Job Offer Letter
  1. Polite and tactful refusal does not allow ingratiating intonations and inventing excuses. Your main goal is to inform you about the decision very correctly, without unnecessary emotions.
  2. Be concise, remember that brevity is the sister of talent. Do not go into the ornate praises and spacious explanations of your decision – respect your and others’ time.
  3. Adhere to a neutral style of conversation , one apology for the situation will be quite enough, you do not need to demonstrate guilt and ask for forgiveness from the employer.
  4. Be mentally prepared for reproaches and irritation from company representatives. Especially often this situation arises if there was an agreement to go to work already “tomorrow”. Try to understand the failed leader – he will have to re-open the vacancy, look for candidates, invite them for an interview – the work process will inevitably suffer from this. However, hold back the responses, just listen to what they say to you, politely say goodbye and leave. If the employer begins to insult you, do not get into a skirmish – just turn around and leave.
  5. Try to adhere to the general rejection scheme adopted in accordance with the requirements of business etiquette:
  • say hello to the failed leader by first name;
  • briefly prepare it for unpleasant news: thank for the attention and interest in your person, do not forget to say a couple of compliments to the company itself;
  • articulate your refusal in the most delicate way: use such phrases as “I’m sorry”, “this decision was not easy for me, but …”;
  • tell the reason for the refusal and if it is somehow related to working conditions, then be prepared that a long discussion will follow – for sure the employer will be affected by this fact and he will try to find out all the nuances of your changed decision;
  • thank for your tolerance (of course, only if your refusal was duly received);
  • wish further success to the company and politely say goodbye.

What not to tell while refusing a job offer?

There are situations when the applicant must necessarily hide the real reason for his refusal of the offer of service and come up with any other and how to decline a job offer example:

  • if at a new job he is invited to fulfill duties contrary to his ethical principles (for example, to deceive his clients, keep false documents);
  • if the company is going through hard times and is facing a financial crisis.

Do not tell the employer what might affect him personally in one way or another, for example, someone might have been rude to you in the office or you were unfavorably impressed by the communication style of the boss with his subordinates. It is possible that the atmosphere in the team itself will not seem comfortable to you – you do not need to discuss it openly, it is probably nothing more than your individual perception. When justifying a refusal, it is better to indicate any other neutral reason.

If you simply are not satisfied with some points of the job description, then you need to culturally tell the recruiter, it is possible that at these points you can achieve a revision of the provisions. Surely the employer can meet you by changing some of the arrangements as far as possible or even excluding them.

Remember that a timely and tactful refusal of a job offer leaves time for the manager to search for another candidate, and protects you from the need to spend your time every day on activities that do not create the prerequisites for the disclosure of skills and professional fulfillment.

Conclusion and Video

Today a shortage of jobs is a big problem for countries. So, be good at refusing a job and acknowledge these advice on How To Refuse Job Offer Letter and to not forget tips.

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