how to decline a job interview without burning bridges

Having received an offer from one of the companies in your city or region that responded specifically to your announcement of cooperation, but realizing that you have to part with it, behave correctly and carefully. Rudeness and haste can hurt you. Life is such that you still may have to work together: the requirements for the applicant and the conditions for future work will change. So today’s topic is How To Decline A Job Interview Without Burning Bridges.

how to decline a job interview and reasons

The reasons why the applicant declines to interview the employer are as follows.

  • Health impairment. There is no need to write down the details, right up to the exact diagnosis, but it is clear that you will not be able to work in this position for such reasons as loss of working capacity due to such an injury, it is worthwhile.
  • Family circumstances that do not tolerate any postponement of the proposed business meeting. Everything happens in life. For example, some accident happened to one of your family members, you should hurry to help him. However, you should not abuse it.

Do not decline to meet just because you have, say, an entertainment trip, a trip out of the city, which is quite possible to postpone. Unscrupulous job seekers who maliciously violate routines and etiquette are simply put on the lifelong blacklist – as long as a particular job seeker is alive or “alive” is the company that ran into his unjustified refusal.

How To Decline A Job Interview Without Burning Bridges

If this is a group of companies that are partners or work under the supervision of the founder / structure, then what one company knows will immediately recognize another.

  • You have found another job. In no case do not touch on the financial issue, do not give obvious and unflattering comparisons. Appeal to other people’s “prices” has never disposed to the possibility of repeated, other further cooperation. But the contact with a specific representative (the head of a department, HR-manager, etc.) and / or the company as a whole will be immediately broken. But hinting about finding another place of work – closer to your address of residence – is sometimes possible.
  • Change of the physical address of the company or its subdivision: it will be expensive and long for you to get to the updated (or new) place of work. Explain that you live too far away and that moving closer to your new profession is not part of your plans for today. Access to the workplace through traffic jams, difficulty driving for three hours – with the rise for this, no light or dawn – is obvious. Before you end the conversation, ask if there is another, similar vacancy closer to you, but from the same company.
  • This vacancy in general does not overlap with your activity , which you would like to pay close attention to for at least the next few years. Make it clear that, unfortunately, you are not ready to deal with it: there is no education, experience, etc.
  • You are not satisfied with specific aspects: there is no readiness for frequent business trips, production that is too harmful to health (there are contraindications for doctors), a non-standard schedule (for example, night work) and / or some other points.

Having clearly understood your position, the employer, representative of the company, company will select an alternative candidate for the still open position. Remember that even in the case of your initially positive answer, the sooner you reliably tell you why you still have to go past the position offered to you, the more adequately your refusal will be received.

How To Decline A Job Interview And Reasons

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What is the deadline for the Decline?

Decline the invitation when such a need has been outlined, but the applicant has already agreed, it is necessary as early as possible. Even when something is completely unclear to you, but you forgot to find out completely when talking on the phone, immediately analyze the offer of the company that has established contact with you. Perhaps some information has eluded your attention. When everything becomes clear, you may still have to say no. And the sooner this is done, the more profitable you will submit yourself from this position.

Categorically you can’t Decline in a matter of minutes, less than an hour before the appointment. After all, the representative or the head of this company spent his time on you, the contact seemed to be established, and you are grossly violating his plans. Have respect for someone else’s work, employment: your company’s business, which has not decided on time with a suitable candidate for its new employees, will suffer from your lack of punctuality and lack of collection. And you, in turn, expose yourself in a bad light.

The ideal option is to decline on the same day if the meeting is rescheduled for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or a specific date. And at the same hour, if at 9 in the morning you agreed to meet, say, at 2 in the afternoon.

Ways To  Decline Interview Meeting

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4 Ways to Decline job interview meeting

Courtesy, coupled with punctuality – your “green light” in the search and finding the right job for you. It is also worth knowing which means of communication can be used.

  • Telephone call. This is a traditional, “warm”, “lively” way to agree. At all times, starting almost with the invention of the telephone as a means of communication at a distance, this method is in heavy demand. If you want to cancel the meeting, you better call and arrange right away. However, have a clear idea of ​​how, without deviating from a benevolent but business style, without familiarity and familiarity, but with proper subordination, you will build a dialogue on exactly what should be said to inform your failed employer.
  • Email. It makes sense to use this method if you are sure that the company representatives, where you tried to get a job, but were forced to decline them, have an instant notification system for new letters. They are not obliged to answer your letter immediately – they have dozens, hundreds of requests per day from other applicants. But this method is not bad if you cannot reach an employee of this company (the phone is busy, the person does not pick up, is not in place, etc.). Write when they do not answer the call – an alternative way.
  • Messenger. The most “advanced” way. Does not work with direct city or toll-free (starting at 8-800) numbers. However, if a company representative indicated his working federal cellular number (starting with 8-9 …), you can try to find it in the following instant messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Vkontakte, Twitter and several similar ones. Often it’s better to leave a free voice message: a live messenger is a worthy alternative to calling to a mobile or office number.
  • SMS . A message sent as an SMS is the last measure when other options (dial-up, voice or text message, letter) did not work on time, the deadlines are running out, but you still need to “shout” to the company representative. Do not use this option as the first method.
4 Ways To  Decline Job Interview Meeting

Lastly, be gentle and friendly. You can apply the following phrases.

  1. “I’m sorry, but I have to decline..” (“Unfortunately, I have no opportunity to accept your offer”).
  2. “Thank you for giving me attention, but the circumstances have developed so that, alas, I can’t come.”
  3. “I realize that I created an inconvenience to you and yet there is no possibility to appear at the indicated time.”
  4. “Perhaps in the future we will agree with you. Today, I’m unlikely to accept your offer. I wish you to find a worthy candidate for this workplace. ”
  5. “I am afraid that I will have to decline. And yet it is. ”
  6. “Thank you for the invitation and yet I will Decline.”

The applicant, recommended “by acquaintance”, must clearly and unobtrusively explain why he suddenly changed his mind, this time Declined to cooperate.

The address at the beginning, in front of the name, should begin politely, with “Dear …”. Option – “Dear (name), I welcome you.” Or simply – “Good day, (name)”. No “Hello”, this option is possible with rare exceptions when the company does not provide for a very strict communication style (judging by the advertising of the image being created), but for dignitaries still use a more traditional business appeal.

At the end of the letter, voice message or call, wish the representative of the company good luck (in the sense – to find a new, more suitable candidate). The wish of “All the best” may supplement or replace the same phrase “I wish you good luck”.

Saying goodbye to representatives of a particular company that has established contact with you, try to leave a pleasant impression about yourself.

Acknowledge this discussion on How To Decline A Job Interview Without Burning Bridges and alway be cleared at your part.

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