Voice Over Actors: How To Become A Voice Over Actor

In the world of multimedia entertainment, such a profession as a Voice Over Actors is in demand and popular. Specialists from this fieldwork in various directions, voicing not only films but also games, audiobooks, cartoons and much more. Here we discuss who is Voice Over Actors, How To Become A Voice Over Actor.

Voice Over Actors: How To Become A Voice Over Actor

Job Description Voice Over Actor

A type of Voice Over, in which a completely new phonogram is created, is called Voice Over. Also in this case, the term duplicate translation is used. Work in this direction implies the presence of certain skills and talent. Voice Over Actors must have special qualities, including competent, clear speech, acting, clear diction and other characteristics.

This profession appeared when it became necessary to adapt media material for a specific audience, and to this day it remains relevant. Every year a large number of films, series, cartoons, and other products in different languages ​​are released, which means there is a demand for voice actors.

In order to work in this field, in addition to creative abilities, you should acquire the appropriate education.

During the training, the curators will introduce the basics of the profession, teach them how to use their potential and show how to develop in this direction.

Job Description Voice Over Actor

As a rule, trained specialists are involved in duplication. They work out their tasks in the same way as other actors working on the role. A professional learns the personality of the character to be voiced, gives the voice personality and a certain character.

Recently, famous artists have been invited to dub, who masterfully control their voice and are able to convey emotions and feelings with it.

Attracting popular actors and singers raises interest in a movie, cartoon, or game that needs to be duplicated.

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Areas of activity for voice over actors

Specialists work in several areas. Some actors are engaged in re-Voice Over of animated films, while others often work in the film industry. Experienced craftsmen can work in several areas.

Areas Of Activity For Voice Over Actors


This profession is especially in demand when voicing animated films. When creating most of all animated films (about 90%), you can’t do without scoring. Some specialists work only in this direction, improving and honing their skills.

In this form of art, the voices of the characters are of particular importance. They create the necessary atmosphere and convey the emotions of the heroes to the audience. Therefore, the masters of scoring should possess not only talent, but also own their voice to perfection.

In the theater and film industry, they pay attention to the development of voice features, but do not focus on this. If a specialist works on scoring a cartoon or an animated series, it is impossible to achieve an excellent result without charisma and artistry.

If the actor has wonderful vocal skills, this is a big plus. Cartoon characters often perform songs. The ability to change the voice so much as to voice other characters is also much appreciated.

Professionals can duplicate several characters in one cartoon, quickly switching between images.

Cartoons Activity For Voice Over Actors

Fiction movie

Voice-over of foreign films is a profitable and most demanded sphere today. Most of the films shown on screens are the products of foreign cinema. Before showing a film on a large screen or broadcasting a TV channel, you need to conduct professional Voice Over .

Work in this direction begins with the fact that the actor is provided with a text translation of the replicas of a specific character. A professional gets acquainted with the material, learns the character, studies his character and sets about voicing. The workflow is time consuming. Even experienced professionals are forced to do several takes to achieve the desired result.

The director requires the actor to be alert, focused, play imagination and creative initiative. In some cases, the dialogue between the characters is recorded alternately, and you have to work alone, without a response to the replicas.

The specialist must know not only his character, but also other heroes. This is necessary in order to properly build relationships between them.

fiction movie For Voice Over Actors

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Games and books

Separately, it is worth noting the Voice Over of books and games. The audiobook format is very popular. With it, you can enjoy your favorite work using a mobile phone or MP3 player. The book can be voiced by one person or a group of actors.

In the game industry, Voice Over Actors are also indispensable. Today, gamers include people of various ages, regardless of gender, lifestyle and other interests. Games of various subjects are produced by companies in many countries of the world. To adapt them to the everycountry user, Voice Over is carried out.

Repeated Voice Over of game characters requires a serious approach. As in the case of films and cartoons, the actor needs to explore the theme of the game, the character of the character and his story.

Especially demanding for Voice Over are large companies that have been working in the game industry for decades. Millions of players expect their products to be released, so the quality of voice acting should be at its best.

how to become a voice over actor

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What Voice over actor do?

To become a professional in this field, you need to have specific personal qualities and develop certain professional data. Masters hone their skills for years, improving skills and updating knowledge. The success of the film, cartoon, game or other duplicated product depends on the professionalism of the actor. Experienced masters recommend that beginning actors periodically attend thematic courses and regularly engage in self-development.

The list of requirements for workers in this field includes many items. Denote the most common of them.

  • In order for the character to fully reveal, it is necessary to fully convey the feelings, feelings and other emotions of various heroes. The actor must organically convey joy, sadness, anger, irritation and other conditions that are characteristic of living people. Often when voicing one character, you have to demonstrate conflicting emotions.
  • It is necessary to adapt the voice to the facial expressions and gestures of the character. High-quality Voice Over revives the hero. The viewer gets the impression that the characters in the picture are real.
  • A professional should be able to work with microphones and other recording equipment.
  • The quality of voice is influenced by correctly delivered speech, clear diction and proper breathing. Excessive sounds during recording will complicate the work. Have to do a lot of takes.
  • Acting skills are necessary in order to know the character, to be imbued with his fate and history.
  • Top-quality Voice Over involves getting the soundtrack under the movements of the lips of the hero. This is a joint task of the translator and actor.
  • A developed imagination will help to recoup your character without other actors. In this case, in the finished version, the impression should be that the characters are talking to each other in real-time.

How To Become A Voice Over Actor?

How To Become A Voice Over Actor?

The first thing you need to start a career with is getting a specific education. It can be a college or school with the necessary specialization. To obtain a diploma of higher education should go to higher education.

It is worth noting that this specialty is taught not only in theatrical institutions. You can study at the Voice Over Actors at academies and cultural institutes. Given the relevance of this profession, universities open relevant departments to attract students.

Studying in state institutions is good because at the end of the student you get a state diploma, which confirms the passage of a special program.

Also, some students are assigned to work practice, where they can get their first skills, and possibly work.

Experienced actors recommend acting in theatrical institutions. Teachers in such institutions can not only teach everyone who wants to be an actor, but also help with further employment. In separate groups, students learn to reveal your creative potential and work on themselves.

Before submitting documents, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the teaching staff. This will help to learn about their career and appreciate the creative work in which they participated. Such a specialty as “Voice Over Actor” is rare. As a rule, the necessary knowledge and skills are offered in general courses.

Education alone, regardless of the prestige of a diploma, is not enough to become a sought-after professional. It is necessary to constantly improve and develop.

To do this, you need to study the necessary literature, attend courses and lectures, and also hone your personal qualities (determination, stress resistance, emancipation, and more).

In some cases, you can start Voice Over without an official diploma of education. But even in this case, you can’t do without passing special courses. Such success is rare and possible only when a person has unrivaled talent that compensates for the lack of experience.

There are several state universities in world where you can get the necessary knowledge. The largest and most popular of them are in the capital and in St. Petersburg. Each year, several thousand trained specialists graduate from these institutions.

Also, acting faculties can be found in creative educational institutions of large cities.

Voice over actor Tips

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