Flight Attendant Interview: Questions And Answers, Tips

A flight attendant interview has a number of nuances that are uncharacteristic of other professions. This is too responsible for work. It is necessary to take into account the features of the flight attendant interview question and answers and training tips.

Flight Attendant Interview: Questions And Answers, Tips

Stages of Flight Attendant Interview

The work of a flight attendant is prestigious and interesting. But airlines have stringent requirements for candidates for these positions. The following criteria are taken into account:

  • age;
  • height and body weight;
  • lack of criminal record;
  • attitude to military duty;
  • health level;
  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • lack of tattoos and scars on exposed parts of the body.

Note: the same requirements apply to the selection for the stewardess.

The interview for the cabin crew takes place in 3 stages.

The first step is actually a conversation with members of the selection committee. The second stage is psychological selection. The third – for candidates for international flights – for knowledge of the English language. An interview with the flight attendant at Airlines always begins with the provision of basic necessary documents. This happens in the briefing room, where at the same time they briefly talk with all the applicants. Next is an individual interview. This is the moment when it is possible and necessary to show your professionalism, possession of certain skills.

Important: Aeroflot standards always provide for the rule of white top and black bottom. Anyone who complies with this requirement already when applying for a position is definitely at their disposal.

Stages Of Flight Attendant Interview

Women need to wear skirts knee-deep or a little lower. They come to the interview only with makeup. The standard of the leading carrier is red lipstick. At the interview, people with a pre-printed application form are waiting. One must be prepared for a request to translate various sentences, sometimes quite complex in meaning.

But flight attendants can get a job at Airlines. The standard for this carrier is knowledge of English at the Pre-Intermediate level. Without this, candidates will not even be considered. The main stages of employment are the same as in many airlines. Interview in “Victory” deserves special attention. According to the stories of this procedure, it lasts about 3 hours. As in other companies, the initial selection is carried out in the assembly hall for all candidates simultaneously. Immediately announce all the key requirements and offer them inappropriate to leave the room before checking. The requirements are as follows:

  • valid passport;
  • accommodation at a distance of 1 hour by car from the airport;
  • beige manicure;
  • rejection of false nails and eyelashes;
  • bright makeup.

Candidates will certainly be told about the upcoming work schedule and level of payment. Self-presentation in English is provided. On it they ask: “What did you do yesterday?”, “What are you planning to do tomorrow?”, “How would you describe a new collection of clothes?” And other rather simple questions. When the general stage of the interview ends, after the break they announce the names of those who will be invited already for a personal acquaintance. The reasons for the failures are not called, they only talk about the typical rules of the company.

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Flight Attendant Interview Questions

You need to talk more about your personality. A story about yourself usually implies such moments as a passion for sports, readiness for stressful situations. An additional plus will be knowledge of languages ​​other than English, the ability to provide first aid. Testing in English includes:

  • work with specially selected text;
  • listening;
  • free conversation.
Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Given the high complexity of the profession, it is natural that candidates are asked a lot of insidious questions. Most often, airline recruiters ask:

  • why a person is going to work in such an area;
  • why a specific airline was chosen;
  • why the specialization of the flight attendant is attractive;
  • What is remarkable is the city of residence;
  • how are you;
  • Does the person worry
  • are there any friends;
  • what the candidate can say about one friend;
  • about the best quality;
  • about a hobby;
  • who the candidate sees himself in 5 years;
  • what are the main parts of the aircraft;
  • who is in the crew and so on.

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How to Answer Flight Attendant Interview Questions?

They will definitely pay attention to how the candidate looks, how he holds, what is the timbre of the voice. Must show:

  • full adequacy;
  • openness
  • high level of sociability.

There are some nuances of answers to individual questions. So, when calling the city of residence, you need to add the name of the country (it literally drives into the subcortex for international flights). To the question “How are you doing?” You need to answer: “Good, and yours?”.

How To Answer Flight Attendant Interview Questions?

It should always be said that there are several friends, because it means precisely those people whom you can fully trust. They characterize their hobbies in detail.

When they ask, “What do you do in life?”, They want to hear what kind of education you have received, who the candidate is working with. If the field of activity is not related to aviation, they will be asked to justify the reason for the change of profession. The question about prospects in a few years should be answered vaguely – something about the desirability of career growth. Types of passengers correspond to classes of service. To the question “What types of classes do you know?” They are just waiting for the enumeration of service categories.

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Preparation Tips for Interview for Flight attendant

But simply answering questions to get an interview with any airline is not enough. Will have to prepare additionally. Male flight attendants need to abandon their long hair and cut their hair straight. It should be a short but hairstyle. But the mustache, beard and even light bristles on board the airliner are strictly prohibited. Earrings and piercings are not acceptable.

They come to the interview in strict business clothes and black shoes. The entire wardrobe should be in perfect order.

It is equally important to set yourself up for ultimate success and absolute peace. You need to do one more installation yourself: regardless of the question, it is better to at least say something than to be silent.

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