Eyebrow Specialist: Job Description, Training, Salary

Profession “Eyebrow Specialist” appeared in the field of beauty relatively recently, but has already become in demand. This is not surprising, because today eyebrow modeling has become one of the leading trends in the beauty industry. What is included in the duties of Eyebrow Specialist, what knowledge and skills he should possess and how much this profession is in demand in the labor market will be discussed in our article.

Eyebrow Specialist: Job Description, Training, Salary

Eyebrow Specialist Job Description

An eyebrow is a specialist who cares for the eyebrows, their design, as well as modeling. This master selects the optimal shape and shade of the eyebrows, taking into account the features of the shape and color type of the face. This work requires not only good taste, but also maximum precision.

Correctly designed eyebrows emphasize the depth of the eyes and make the look more expressive, point to a woman who looks after her appearance and prefers to stay on top in any situation.

Many people think that an Eyebrow Specialist simply plucks his eyebrows and stains them. This is not true. This specialist is engaged in their design and decoration. It works not only with the eyebrows, but also with the appearance as a whole: it takes into account all the anatomical features of the face, can emphasize advantages or hide flaws.

So, with the help of a well-chosen shape and tone of the eyebrows, you can:

  • visually reduce swelling of the eyelids;
  • narrow your nose too large;
  • adjust the oval;
  • visually tighten the face, make it a couple of years younger;
  • to give the appearance the desired style – to turn a woman into a reverent little girl and a fatal beauty;
  • give a more sleek look as a whole.
Eyebrow Specialist Job Description

In addition, the eyebrow makes recommendations for eyebrow care, especially when they are trimmed and pinched.

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Pros and cons of Eyebrow Specialist profession

The profession of makeup artist-eyebrow stylist has both its pros and cons. Nowadays, a Eye brow Specialist is a rather popular specialty, the same as a hairdresser. Regardless of the economic situation in the country, representatives of the beautiful want to be beautiful and well-groomed. The relevance of this service in the beauty industry is rated highly. At the same time, the cost of consumables, unlike a hairdresser, colorist, manicurist or specialist in sugaring, is minimal.

After training and experience, professional eyebrows can provide more qualified services – such as lamination of eyebrows or biotattoo. The first option is optimal for owners of dense vegetation, the second – for women with thin “strings”. In addition, browsers often master related specialties: eyelash extension master, cosmetologist or makeup artist.

You can get training by profession without any problems, the number of brown bars is steadily increasing, schools that teach the basics of eyebrow correction and modeling are opening up everywhere in country. All classes are held in small groups, at least 80% of the time is devoted to practical tasks.

Eye brow Specialists can work not only in a beauty salon but also at home. This is especially true for young mothers who can opt for a flexible work schedule.

An experienced eyebrow makeup artist today receives from $50000 yearly, so work in the specialty allows you to achieve financial independence.

However, not everything is so rosy, and this profession has its drawbacks.

First of all, this is a high level of competition. In recent years, the popularity of services has been steadily growing, so the proposals of masters only increase from year to year – to succeed in conditions when the market is full is not so simple.

The need for an active customer search does not add optimism In order to earn good money, the master has to build up a client base, and in most cases you have to look for them yourself. At first, reaching a stable income is often difficult.

The Eye brow Specialist must independently purchase tools and supplies. However, this applies only to those professionals who work at home. For masters in salons, everything necessary for work is usually presented, however, in this case, the employee is obliged to transfer part of the profit to his management.

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Professional Skills of Eyebrow Specialist

It is believed that any cosmetologists and makeup artists can create beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows. However, only specialists who have completed relevant courses and have a certificate confirming skills can cope with such work. The main activity of the Eye brow Specialist concerns only the brow arches. A professional should be able to:

  • do eyebrow architecture;
  • tint hairs;
  • reconstruct eyebrows;
  • be able to properly care for eyebrows.

A master Eye brow Specialist must have color skills . It is important that he knows how to choose the color and give the hair the right shade. An experienced specialist should be familiar with the anatomical component of the appearance, since this aspect is especially important in working with the face.

It is believed that in order to be considered a professional, a Eye brow Specialist must work for at least 1 year.


Eyebrow modeling

Eyebrow modeling includes:

  • inspection and initial consultation on possible options for adjusting their type;
  • selection of a form taking into account features of the person, color type and individual preferences of the client;
  • effective cleansing and peeling of the skin in the eyebrow area;
  • the formation of the desired shape with tweezers or threads;
  • applying fixing gel, as well as a small make-up;
  • the application of emollients, soothing the skin with irritation and redness of the area near the eyebrows;
  • issuing advice on further care for eyebrows at home.


For staining eyebrows usually use two types of funds – pigments for tinting or permanent makeup.

Pigment staining is based on the use of:

  • henna is white red or black;
  • paints;
  • shadows;
  • gels;
  • eyebrow paste.

Permanent makeup includes several varieties:

  • spraying;
  • tattoo;
  • 3D tattoo;
  • shorting;
  • microblading.

brow specialist Tools and materials for work

Most well-known brands offer starter sets with paints or henna for Eyebrow SpecialistHowever, in any case, the master will have to buy tools that are not included in the kit. Depending on the modeling method, tweezers, wax or threads may be required. Work with wax is performed in the rarest cases and only for fairly thick eyebrows. In this case, the wax is carefully applied to the hairs, withstand the necessary time and then removed in one sharp movement. This is a rather traumatic method, because the skin in the eyelids is quite delicate.

Thread modeling is one of the newest methods, it is referred to as truly masterly, demonstrating the degree of professionalism of the master in getting rid of excess hairs. However, it should be understood that when correcting with a thread, you still have to additionally resort to some other working tools. A universal and reliable way is tweezers correction, which is why this tool is a must in the arsenal of any eyebrow.

Tweezers can be different:

  • with straight edges;
  • with sharp edges;
  • with beveled edges.

A tool with straight edges is usually used for thick eyebrows, because it allows you to simultaneously capture 3-5 hairs at once.

The tweezers with pointed edges are more like tweezers with a pair of needles. It allows you to get to the thinnest hairs, and in addition, it acts quite sparingly and minimizes pain. It is optimal for women with sensitive skin.

The most popular tool for Eyebrow Specialists is tweezers with beveled edges – its narrowest edge can capture the thinnest and shortest hairs, and a thick edge can be pulled out a few long ones.

The following items can be included in the list of accessories.

  • Scissors – are used to shorten too long hairs, which spoil the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrow arch.
  • Pencil – Helps draw a future eyebrow shape. If you do not pay enough attention to this and draw an eyebrow line, then the tails near the base will most likely differ from each other.
  • Antiseptics. Any work involving an intervention in the tissues of the human body necessarily involves disinfection, so you should not forget about them. In addition, you may need a makeup remover at work. Usually, professionals use two-phase agents.
  • Cotton wool, applicator sticks and napkins under the eyes – they are necessary in order to wipe the pencil or treat the tool with an antiseptic.
  • Brush – allows you to comb the eyebrows, give them the desired look, and also remove hair from the face after work. Brushes are hard or soft.
  • Cream – after plucking the eyebrows on the surface, redness and slight inflammation quite often remain. To soothe irritated skin, you can use eye cream or zonal gel. Also, in the arsenal of the browst should be funds that are applied to the skin before work to prevent its staining.
  • A container for mixing coloring compounds can be either a special palette or a glass cup.

eyebrow Specialist classes and training

It is impossible to learn a specialty on the basis of online lessons, the skills necessary for work are obtained only in specialized educational institutions. Nowadays, many centers provide similar services, and the choice of the appropriate one should be taken with full responsibility. Before choosing a school, several factors should be taken into account:

  • training program;
  • the experience of educators;
  • correlation of practical and theoretical parts;
  • feedback about teachers and the training center itself;
  • course location;
  • cost of preparation.

The study of the subject can be both individual and in small groups. Moreover, the course can be designed both for advanced training of the master, and for training “from scratch”. Usually they take no more than a week – during this time, students get acquainted with the theoretical side of the issue and practice the practice on models.

Upon completion of training, everyone is issued a certificate of completion of the course – it can be used to confirm qualifications in employment.

how to become an eyebrow specialist?

If a novice master wants to spin up, succeed in his field, attract regular customers and reach a regular income, he should constantly improve his professional skills and hone his technique, studying the actual forms of eyebrows and color. It will be useful every 2 to 3 years to undergo continuing education at a qualified eyebrow, as well as attend all kinds of workshops and seminars. Even if you are completely sure that you are 100% proficient in all modern techniques, you can still discover some new “tricks” for yourself.

how to become an eyebrow specialist?

A professional always monitors the condition of his tools, acquires the latest and highest quality materials. Practice is important in any business: if you are just taking the first steps, train on models – it is possible that later they will become your regular customers. Advertising is important in any business, so be sure to take photos of your work, the master needs to collect a portfolio and draw up a work program that will help him promote his services. Promotion in social networks and instant messengers is highly effective, so if possible, try to contact an experienced smm-manager who will point out errors in advertising, give you tips on account management and help you get started.

Eyebrow Specialist salary

A newcomer to the profession can hardly boast of good earnings, after completing his studies at least a month or more, he devotes himself to practicing the acquired skills on free models or takes money only for materials. In addition, at the start, you will have to make some investments. Even with a minimal budget, you will have to pay from $4000 for Eyebrow Specialist courses, and at least $2000 will have to be spent on tools and supplies.

Monthly expenses also include:

  • cabinet rental – the exact amount directly depends on the status of the beauty studio and the rental mode;
  • consumables – about $1000.

Payment for the Eyebrow Specialist Specialist work is small, in non-capital regions, craftsmen receive about $1000 from one client, so the first time doing this business is not particularly profitable – you have to work not only to zero, but even to minus. However, if you want to fulfill your potential in the profession, success will certainly come, and income will become stably high.

Eyebrow feedback of the masters with experience

As evidenced by the feedback of the masters with experience, the design of eyebrows in the frequency of performing nursing procedures comes first. The need for eyebrow correction directly depends on individual needs and varies from once a week to once a month. Since well-groomed eyebrows are an integral feature of a modern woman, clients will always contact the eyebrow makeup artist-stylist. These services are in demand among the fair sex of all ages – from schoolgirls to adult ladies, and not so long ago male browsists confidently occupied their niche. In this regard, the profession can be considered a win-win option, since a good master will have permanent employment.

However, as practice shows, the beauty industry has its own seasonality. So, a surge of interest in cosmetic procedures is observed on the eve of the New Year, March 8, as well as in the summer. In the period from September to November, as well as from mid-March to May, activity decreases. Training for an eyebrow does not represent any difficulty – anyone can get a specialty, even people completely far from the beauty industry. A certified eyebrow specialist can always get a job in a beauty salon, rent a chair in it or work at home.

And most importantly, if at some point in time life circumstances change and you want to leave for another profession, the skills to care for eyebrows will always come in handy, especially for beautiful ladies.

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