Bridal Stylist Job Description: Tips, Training Guide

A wedding is the most exciting and memorable event in the life of every girl. One cannot allow something to go wrong that day, so it is important to think and prepare everything in advance, including the image of the bride. The bridal stylist is engaged in creating the image of the girl. And, of course, choosing this specialist, the bride and groom will give preference to a person with better education and extensive work experience.

The profession of a bridal stylist will always be relevant, so more and more girls want to earn this way. In this article, we will consider how to learn the profession of a bridal stylist, bridal stylist job description and what skills and qualities are necessary for its development.

Bridal Stylist Job Description: Tips, Training Guide

Bridal Stylist Job Description

The images of the bride and groom attract the most attention of guests coming to the wedding. Therefore, the bridal stylist has a very important task – to create a harmonious image of the bride and groom. But still, the main work of the stylist is a girl. The master should be prepared for the fact that the selection of the image will take a long time , because the girl wants to look perfect that day.

The bridal stylist has an irregular work schedule , which means that you have to get up early, spend several hours in a row at work without a break, make concessions to the bride and take into account all her wishes. You also need to be prepared for the fact that for some time there may not be work.

The key to success in this profession is to develop your own portfolio – examples of past work to create the image of the bride. At this stage, payment may be very low, or it may not be at all. Typically, young stylists announce the search for models that can be practiced, taking a nominal fee for this.

Bridal Stylist Job Description

Do not think that the task of the bridal stylist is only to transfer the finished image from the photo to the bride. To work, you need to have a lot of knowledge about skin types, about the problems associated with it, about the features of appearance color types, and also know the nuances associated with the figure of the girl and the shape of her face.

list of responsibilities of bridal stylist

The list of responsibilities of the bridal stylist depends on the degree of his qualifications, in addition, he may have a narrow or wide profile of work. Let’s consider these details in more detail.

List Of Responsibilities Of Bridal Stylist

Makeup of Bride

One of the main parts of the image of the bride is wedding makeup. It must be special in order to emphasize the beauty of the girl and hide her minor flaws. But in order for the make-up to be in harmony with the general appearance of the bride, one must take into account the style and color of the chosen dress, the general stylistic orientation of the event, the look of the groom and other small accessories in the images.

In addition, if you already have finished works that the bride liked, then you should warn her that this makeup may not suit her or look different because everyone has individual facial features. It is also necessary to take into account the bride’s skin type (oily, dry, problem, normal or combination), hair, eye color, appearance color type, as well as pigmentation (skin color, freckles, moles, etc.), and choose according to this cosmetics and makeup shades.

Do not forget to ask the bride about a possible allergy to cosmetics, and also take an interest in her wishes regarding future makeup.

Hairstyle of Bride

As well as makeup, the hairstyle should be selected in accordance with the chosen dress and its accessories. For example, if you choose a light, airy dress, then a hairstyle that is too heavy and overflowing with details will not fit. It is better to choose a lighter and more romantic styling.

The quality and type of hairstyle largely depends on the color of the hair, their condition and type. For red-haired girls and brunettes, completely different styles are selected.

If the hair is unkempt, thin and sparse, then most likely, weaving from them will not look as spectacular as from thick and healthy hair. It’s important for hairstylist to know and warn girls about all these nuances in order to arrive at a better option.

As we saw, even a narrow-profile bridal stylist must have the skills of a hairdresser and makeup artist. This means that a specialist with a wide profile has much more functions and responsibilities.

  1. A wide-profile bridal stylist also does makeup and hairstyle.
  2. Image development. But the main difference between this specialist is the development of the image of the bride. The stylist selects details (the general style of the image, dress, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, shoes) and makes up a common look from them, offers the bride several options, and together they choose the most suitable one. After that, the specialist helps the bride to choose a dress, visiting wedding salons with her. He can also offer a rental option or personal sewing of clothes (in this case, the stylist makes the dress drawing himself).

In addition, the master can create the image of the groom so that he and the bride look harmonious.

  1. Tips for bridal decoration. Depending on the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, their styles and colors, the stylist gives advice on the design of the event itself. These are jewelry, decorations, clothes of bridesmaids and so on.
  2. Accompaniment throughout the preparation and the wedding itself. A specialist with a wide profile should be prepared for the fact that he can be hired for a long period – from the start of preparation until the wedding. After all, the newlyweds may need various tips on organizing the event. Also, “rehearsals” of the bride’s image, that is, a preliminary hairstyle and makeup, will be needed to see the slightest flaws in the combination of details and to correct them in time.

Remember that in the final image of the bride on the day of the celebration, you can make the minimum number of edits, you can not fundamentally change something, otherwise there is a risk of ruining everything.

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Necessary skills of Bridal Stylist

Having become acquainted with the specifics of the profession, many may have a desire to become a bridal stylist, because this is a creative and very interesting work. But it is worth noting that this type of activity is not suitable for everyone.

Necessary Skills Of Bridal Stylist

For a career in the wedding sphere to be successful, you need to have the following character traits:

  • charm;
  • sense of humor;
  • attentiveness;
  • desire for self-improvement;
  • sociability;
  • sociability;
  • patience;
  • willingness to make concessions;
  • willingness to listen;
  • goodwill;
  • shutter speed;
  • responsibility;
  • accuracy.

These qualities are necessary because you have to work directly with the bride and groom, which means that you will have to take into account all their wishes and find a common language, constantly communicate. In addition, as mentioned above, the work schedule is irregular, which means you need exposure.

Accuracy and patience are no less important in the work, because the creation of makeup and hairstyles is a very delicate work. It is also important to constantly gain new knowledge and develop in your profession.

What knowledge and skills a bridal stylist must have:

  • keep abreast of fashion, latest innovations and trends;
  • create various types of makeup and hairstyles;
  • knowledge of styles and their combination;
  • knowledge of types of appearance, the ability to take into account their features;
  • the use of new technologies, new cosmetics;
  • knowledge of the rules for combining colors.

The fashion and beauty industry is constantly evolving and changing, so it is important to monitor these areas and update your knowledge.

How to become a bridal stylist?

In order to become a bridle stylist, you do not need to study for several years at a university. It is enough to finish the paid courses, which you can enroll on the Internet or in one of the studios in your city. Typically, training lasts 1-4 months, depending on the amount of knowledge and skills provided. In addition, you must constantly attend master classes to improve your knowledge and take advanced training courses.

If you already have the profession of hairdresser, make-up artist or stylist, then this will serve as an additional advantage in the career of a bridal stylist.

How To Become A Bridal Stylist?

But in order for there to be a demand for your services, you need to develop a portfolio – examples (photos) of successful work. To do this, you can find models ready for experimentation, and practice on them.

Next, you need to declare yourself: place ads on the Internet, inform friends about your work, you can also just get a beauty salon or a wedding salon by one of the specialists.

Once you have a job, try to do it as high as possible so as to receive only positive feedback and attract new customers.

It is not difficult to become a bridal stylist, but it is important to have patience and a willingness to acquire new knowledge. Also be prepared for the fact that quality training takes time and money. But if you are a creative person, ready for everything new, then, undoubtedly, this profession is for you.

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