Assistant Photographer Job Description: How To Be A Photography Assistant

To date, the work of the photographer is considered one of the most prestigious. If you also want to try yourself in this role, but do not have enough experience and skills, then you can start your professional career as an assistant (or assistant) photographer. You should be aware of the assistant photographer job description, as well as How To Be A Photography Assistant at the desired place.

Assistant Photographer Job Description: How To Be A Photography Assistant

Assistant Photographer Job Description

A photographer’s assistant is a person who carries out the tasks of the photographer, and also carries out various preparatory activities. In general, all people in this position can be divided into several categories.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish such assistants who are independent professionals in their own right , however, for a specific project or a separate shooting, they were invited as assistants. Due to the fact that such a specialist possesses a sufficient amount of experience and professional skills, he can express his professional opinion. In addition, he does not need to be taught the basics of professional activity.
  2. The second category of assistants is those people who strive to become independent photographers and are temporarily in the position of assistant . Their main goal is to gain experience, learn professional skills and abilities, as well as create the necessary theoretical knowledge base and get useful contacts.
  3. In addition to other categories, one can distinguish such assistants who are particularly pleased with the auxiliary work. They do not seek to become independent specialists. Often, such assistants are valued more than others, as they are set up for continuous work with one photographer. Accordingly, they understand his style and are well acquainted with his requirements.
Assistant Photographer Job Description

In order for a person to be able to effectively fulfill his assistant functions, he must first of all have a certain set of personality characteristics. Among them are usually distinguished:

  • punctuality;
  • responsibility;
  • attentiveness;
  • diligence;
  • creativity;
  • sociability.

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How To Be A Photography Assistant

So in our topic Assistant Photographer Job Description, the most asked question is How To Be A Photographer assistant? Almost any person with the corresponding aspiration can become a photographer’s assistant. If we talk about the requirements, they depend on each particular photographer, his desires and preferences. First of all, only a person who has reached the age of 18 can apply for the position of an assistant photographer (specialists consider younger applicants much less often). In addition, it is important that the applicant possesses at least a minimum level of education, has a school certificate.

How To Be A Photography Assistant

It is important that the applicant for the position of assistant photographer is psychologically and emotionally stable.

The thing is that the work of a specialist is associated with communication with people, which is accompanied by various stresses. The assistant photographer must be able to smooth out the conflict and not respond to provocations.

photographer job requirements

The duties of an assistant photographer can be very different. It all depends on what supporting functions a particular specialist needs. Consider several possible tasks that may be included in the job description of the assistant photographer:

Photographer Job Requirements
  • assistance in the installation and operation of such additional equipment as reflectors, flashes;
  • assistance in the transportation of equipment (due to the fact that professional photographers possess a large amount of equipment, an assistant may need personal transportation);
  • monitoring the operation of the equipment (you need to ensure that all cameras are turned on if necessary, that all settings are in order, that the battery is charged);
  • work with a light meter;
  • installation and adjustment of light;
  • work with various lenses;
  • help in taking test shots (for example, the assistant often takes the place of the model so that the photographer can take a test shot);
  • communication with customers and customers;
  • work with documents (for example, maintaining accounting books, drawing up reports, assistance in maintaining accounting records);
  • assistance in the process of filming (for example, providing additional accessories, adjusting the model’s posture);
  • setting scenery.

In addition, many photographers require assistance from their assistants not only in the process of direct shooting, but also before and after.

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So, for example, you can be instructed to find an appropriate site, agree with the leadership of a particular location, negotiate with customers, keep a photographer’s calendar . Most of the work can be assisted in the processing of photographs.

Thus, the assistant photographer is an important figure on the set. In the process of implementing large-scale projects, a professional photographer cannot do without an assistant. In addition, if desired, the assistant can develop and improve in order to eventually become an independent specialist.

Before you officially get a job as an assistant photographer, it is very important to discuss in detail and in detail all the tasks that will be part of your functional duties. In addition, talk about the fact that if additional tasks arise, your pay will be increased. Thus, you can protect yourself from all sorts of negative situations and from conflicts with the employer.

How to become an assistant without experience?

How To Become An Assistant Without Experience?

If you want to become an assistant photographer, but do not have the relevant work experience, then you should convince the potential employer that you have a great desire to master the profession, as well as an active and proactive person. First of all, you need to create your own personal portfolio. This means that you need to provide a potential employer with examples of your copyright photographs. It is desirable that the photos were taken on the camera, but in its absence, high-quality photos taken on the phone are suitable.

Print your best shots or take a photo bookAt the same time, at your request, you can create a universal portfolio with photographs of various types (for example, wedding photos, portrait photos, nature), grouped into separate categories. In addition, you can make a highly specialized set of photos (for example, only food photos).

Thus, a professional photographer will be able to assess your current level, as well as possible potential.

In addition to the portfolio, a professional resume should also be compiledThis document should notify the photographer not only about your professional skills, but also about personal characteristics. In addition, the resume should contain personal information (age, marital status). If you wish, you can also write a cover letter.

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If you have finally decided to connect your life with the position of the assistant photographer, then you should find several people with whom you would like to work. You should be close to the author’s style of the photographer, and also like the area in which he works. At the same time, you do not need to immediately apply for the position of his assistant – for starters, you can just make a business acquaintance with him.

Become An Assistant photographer

In the process of finding work, in no case can you do universal mailing. Business letters and communication with each individual photographer should be as personalized as possible.

This approach will distinguish you from other candidates. Akcnlowdge assistant photographer job description and how to become a photographer.

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