Android Developer Job: Description, Salary, Quick Guide

Every year IT professions attract more and more specialists. This is an interesting, demanded and highly paid job, covering many areas. The profession of an Android developer is very popular. Having the necessary knowledge, a specialist can work both for a large company and for himself, developing and implementing his own projects. Today we will discuss the android developer job description, skills he needs and every thing.

Android Developer Job: Description, Salary, Quick Guide

Android Developer Job Description

Today, the Android operating system is widespread. It is installed on smartphones, tablets, players and other mobile equipment. Given this fact, the need for professional Android developers is constantly growing. It is not easy to find experienced specialists in this field in the CIS countries, therefore, skilled craftsmen are in demand and can always count on good earnings.

Android Developer Job Description

There are many ways to get the necessary knowledge and skills for work. The number of mobile applications on the above OS is growing every year. It is the developers who write and improve them. However, these are not the only tasks of the programmer.

Creating programs is a profitable business. Many companies prefer to have their own application for communication and customer service.

Features of the profession are as follows:

  • software testing (if necessary, debugging is carried out and the system should be checked again);
  • writing and editing program code;
  • creation of mobile programs of various subjects and functionality for the Android OS;
  • downloading software to sites and other remote repositories;
  • improvement of working methods to increase productivity;
  • using an innovative approach to work;
  • analysis of technical specifications, as well as other information from the project customer;
  • analytical work related to the improvement of software;
  • making the necessary changes during and after work, at the request of the customer.

The number of duties performed depends on how large the project is and what are the requirements of the customer. Occupying a position in small corporations, specialists can carry out not only their direct tasks, but also work as a designer, as well as draw up technical specifications for the project.

Currently, a large number of programmers work independently.

They sell developed programs through the Google Play service. The process of writing applications for the Android OS does not require large financial investments.

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Pros and cons Android developer profession

The advantages of this profession are as follows:

  • decent wages;
  • the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world;
  • reasonable price of training;
  • work in a relevant and interesting field;
  • when working in an office, the company provides employees with comfortable working conditions: equipment necessary for work, a social package (for official employment), a convenient workplace;
  • career growth with due diligence and development;
  • the possibility of self-development through the study of new techniques and innovative approaches;
  • growing need for professionals.

Cons are as follows:

  • despite the fact that the profession requires a creative approach, it will not work for people with humanitarian thinking, technical knowledge and the same mentality are necessary here;
  • high demands from modern customers;
  • when working on a specific project or as an employee of a company, it will not work out;
  • in most cases, you should constantly update and edit an already created program.

Android developer salary

The android developer salary depends on many factors: work experience, project success, and other nuances. A beginner who has just begun his career path can receive about $900. Developers who have been working in this area for about 2 years earn between $900 to 1500$ a month. In the capital, the salary of employees is higher and varies from $1500.  Professionals involved in software development for more than 2-3 years have the opportunity to receive several hundred thousand dollars a month.

The indicated data are average and may differ. Currently, large corporations offer employees salaries of about $4000 to $10000. It is difficult to disagree that this is a decent income, which is several times higher than the salaries of specialists in other industries.

Some specialists work remotely with foreign companies and receive wages in dollars or euros. It is worth noting that such corporations have high demands on employees, but they offer appropriate salaries and other privileges.

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Android developer skills and qualities

In the process, the specialist is faced with various situations that may adversely affect his performance. We are talking about criticism, constant corrections by the customer and other factors. To successfully cope with job duties, you must have certain personal qualities.

Key personal characteristics of a professional developer:

  • calm in crisis and unforeseen situations;
  • love for your work;
  • the desire to develop as a person and as a specialist;
  • accuracy, practicality and prudence;
  • fast learner;
  • adequate perception of criticism;
  • sociability;
  • organization and attentiveness;
  • non-conflict.

All these and other positive qualities will help to become a true professional.

In order to achieve career success, in addition to personal characteristics, you should have certain working skills:

  • basic skills of programming languages, in particular Java and Kotlin;
  • knowledge of the structure of the Android operating system;
  • practice in writing mobile applications of various kinds for the above platform;
  • practical skills in using Git and GitHub;
  • knowledge of protocol structure (HTTP, REST and others);
  • basics of object-oriented programming.

In addition, a big request will be the knowledge of the basics of protecting information from spam, hacker attacks and other third-party interference. Each employer may also have their own requirements for a future employee.

How to become an android developer

Everyone who wants to join the ranks of Android developers is wondering where to get the necessary knowledge and practical skills.

There are several ways.

  • Education in higher education. Given the growing popularity of the profession, a corresponding specialization appears in some universities. Even if one is not available, you can enter a related faculty to gain basic knowledge in the field of programming.
  • In private computer academies, everyone is trained in this profession. The cost of training in such institutions is high, but graduates receive professional knowledge and the necessary practical skills as they study. You can also attend special courses and lectures.
  • You can get basic knowledge on the Internet. In the vastness of the World Wide Web you can find many courses, seminars and thematic lectures. Training is conducted in a remote format under the guidance of a supervisor or independently, in a convenient mode.

Everyone chooses the best option for themselves. Regardless of which way the future specialist will go, it is necessary to constantly work, develop and improve the level of qualification. The IT industry is being updated at a rapid pace, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest developments.

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Learning Android OS

Many specialists who have been working in the field of software development for a long time recommend starting their acquaintance with the profession by studying the Android platform.

Acquaintance is as follows.

  • First of all, you should study the graphic component of the programs. Pay attention to text, images, and other elements. At the beginning of a career, many beginners use special blanks and only after they begin to create programs from scratch.
  • The specialist can not do without mastering the platform file system . It is worthwhile to carefully study all its components. This is an important component for optimizing software. Also, the system is needed to exchange data with other programs.
  • The next item is the software life cycle . You should configure the program in such a way that it is convenient to interact with it in various situations (for example, when a call or message from another application arrives on the phone).
  • Many programs can perform the same functions. In this regard, it is worth using ready-made codes so as not to write them . This is knowledge in technological solutions of the OS.
  • If the application is programmed to work in multiple windows, you must be able to configure navigation between them . This is another important component of programs for the Android platform.
  • In order for the program to interact correctly with mobile devices, you should learn to work with sensors and other modern sensors.
  • Performance is of great importance. Knowledge in this area will help to create a program that does not require a lot of resources. Otherwise, the equipment will freeze and “glitch” in the process.

The above OS structures are basic. In practice, there are many more. Android developer job Professionals for many years know every component perfectly.

Experienced android developer are able to create multifunctional and user-friendly programs that are not demanding on the resources of mobile devices.

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